It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 16

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63 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 16

  1. Well what can I say?
    This series is so touching especially the ending I even got tired of crying.?
    My favorite character is Moon Sang take though autistic he finally became an adult not only physically but mentally.?

  2. I FREAKINF LOVEDDD THIS DRAMAAA!! it’s among my top 3 favourite dramas probably 1st . I really really like everything about this drama litterally can’t even explain the chemistry among those free are unexplainable ❤️ best drama i ever watched loved the ending tooo i have never seen such a good ending like that✨?❤️

  3. It was a great drama fr
    I really like this drama
    And Also I liked the ending
    Irfan Sadeque sign out …………………………………
    7/15/2022 2:35 AM

  4. I started this drama in 2021 and I’m only just finishing it today. It took me a while cause it was such a rollercoaster of a year but I’m glad I’m finally done. It’s such an amazing show. Can’t wait to start Eve’ s Scandal with her in it.

  5. Loved every single person’s acting in this drama. There’s a very deep meaning to every scene in this drama. learned lots of things. It is one of the best shows that beautifully addresses the issue of mental health and the power of healing. Each character in the show is flawed. This is such a gem that everyone should watch. The plot is so nice, the characters, the acting, and also the humor in certain scenes… Just wow!!! By far it is one of the nicest Korean drama that I have watched.

  6. gosh, i haven’t seen a guy cry so much in a drama like in other dramas that ive watched theyd only cry in one scene bu moon gangtae cries in more once in every episode hahahaha

  7. I will miss every character of this drama ,everyone
    Both main leads : GT & MY ,wow perfect chemistry,love them ,their growth just amazing ,no cliche ,no unnecessary drama
    Main Supporting character : Sang tae oppa ,sorry hyung just great ,his development .just wow ,acting like a big brother .Actually both GT and MY didn’t have the warmth of an elderly figure ,a good guardian ,Sang tae hyung at the end fulfill this gap .
    Side character : I love that director and the friend of GT ,guys .They play an important role in their life
    In short everything is perfect ,in this drama

  8. An outstanding. One greatest drama i had watched. Bravo ? ? ? amazing cast great actors. Great acting. I cried, laughed, feel sad and feel frightened, happy… wow! Just wow! ❤

  9. Love this drama love those three characters who are searching for the face the sense of meaning we should not let the past to trap us we must overcome through every difficulty and crazy situations we live. Life is for survival an we have to face the challenges and problems inch by inch we should not give up on each other .we have to flow like river by throwing the cold masked which we wear everyday by hiding all those things in inside we must explore it and show up to the whole world. Thankyou…

  10. This drama was wonderful which tells about make feels about that no matter how much problem how much obstacles come in our life we must stay strong we must stay happy by throwing cold mask which we wear by hiding show manything in inside its better to explore its better to share something. We should be happy we should not give up we should let it go the nightmare past and enjoy the present what we have. THANKYOU SOMUCH.❤

  11. This movie is definitely an 100 out of 100. It’s super excellent and I love love loveeeeeeee the actors so freaking much. More power to your elbow guys

  12. I was expecting so much from this drama, it dissapointed me being so predictable, either i watched way to many and i don’t get impressed so easy , either this was just a easy predictable bit boring drama…… still not bad, but could have been way better, it just focused on some what boring parts.

    1. what were you expecting and what did you want it to focus on? I don’t think you understand the main themes of this drama. Either you’re too young, either you’re too old or either you don’t have taste.. This drama is not just “predictable” it’s so much more than that, you just can’t see through it but that’s okay, not everyone can do that.

    2. Sorry to say you don’t understand the theme of this drama I think you are too young when you grow up pls watch this drama again then you will be find out what you miss it

    3. wow you really thought this comment would make you sound cool but it only made you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. this drama has its flaws but predictable isn’t one of them. your comment sounds like a kid trying to prove himself by claiming everything is too cheap for his superior taste. I would even say this drama went too far to prevent it from being predictable which caused some plotholes.

      1. It’s super predictable. But enjoyable as well. Storyline was bland af. The only unpredictable part was the head nurse being her mother. But as I said it’s really enjoyable non the less.

  13. A nice story i’ve learn a lot yeah sometimes life is so unfair but at the end of those circumstances choose to be happy and life must go on?thank you so much…hoping for another story with the trio 3

  14. I loved all the twists and turns of the drama. Thank you for the team who worked so hard for this series. It’s a big success! ?????? Please create more kdrama series that will be starred by these trio ?? They all work so good together!. More powers! Xoxo

  15. I burst out all my emotions in this drama. I been keep track of this and so much more than that I am satisfied with all the actors and actresses. As expected the ending is most heartwarming and amazing. I learned so much lesson in the drama. Thank you for the satisfying drama ever ??

  16. Nice ending the writer is very good. True no matter what the circumstances we MIGHT BE, we must find a way to count our blessing and be happy. It’s renewing the mind, doing what is good for yourself.

  17. All of the actors are spot on, i really love this drama and hate that its over. Sang tae acting is on another level , he executes evry scene with detail , even the mannerism. Each of his scene touches my emotion, cried a bucket of tears. Well done to all of the cast and especially the crew.

  18. one question left unanswered, ” I am very curious to find out how Moon-young’s mom is really still alive, and if she is, how she got out of that basement room, and that bag that was thrown into the lake”

  19. The brother needs to get an award for good acting and to stay in character for the whole 16 episodes. He deserves it, I bow down to him for his good act.

  20. I will definitely watch this series again. I loved so much. The actors were absolutely gorgeous and the story was fascinating. It has such a unique story, it has some new vibe in it.I really liked the carater developments. It was a so well-built story.
    Thanks for everyone who had made possible for us to watch this series. ❤️

  21. Thank you for the beautiful Ending???for all the Cast i salute u all and i miss u all???keep up the good work everyone…the writer and all the staff god bless you everyone???

  22. I loved this drama… it taught me a lot…it’s really emotional and the actors are so good…I’m so in love with it…???

  23. I’m about to watch this LAST episode. LOVED this show and really hate that it’s going to be over – I’m putting off watching this episode as long as humanly possible.

  24. I like the ending so muucchh ??. Like how the last book relates to each and everyone of them. How they accepted each others differences and also themselves (flaws, fears and all). Most of all, I admire the growth in each characters all throughout this drama. The healing they need, and letting go of what’s hurting them emotionally. It may not be easy (especially in real life) it takes a long process but time will come you’ll heal. Find the courage to be happy, and BE FREE. ??

    Drama: 10/10
    Plot: 9/10
    Ending scene: Very much satisfied

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