Maid’s Revenge (2022) Episode 30

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18 Comments to “Maid’s Revenge (2022) Episode 30

  1. I don’t know what You guys are complaining about. A drama doesn’t always have to have a happy ending. For me, this is an amazing drama. I love it despite how it ended.

  2. LMao I have never watched Chinese dramas . Decided to watch these cos TikTok edits just to find it dumb asf ?. Wait how can they cut short episodes and still make a stupid ending. Do script writers loose their nuts when writing the endings ???

  3. I don’t understand, did she marry Tianyi after he died? That’s why she refers to him as her husband? Wth I don’t get the ending ?

  4. Okay now I see why people have been shouting. Just wtf is this nonsense ending??? Like the actors killed their role too much just to have this shitty ending now. I’m sure the budget was not enough and that’s why the episodes are this short but all the actors still killed it. But for this ending???? I don’t agree with it at alll????

  5. Weird ending…. I’m not insisting on a happy ending, but could they at least explain if he’s a reincarnation or what?

  6. Sloppy ending.. I guess the guy had amnesia and had to start his duty all over again from the begining to earn his governor seat lol

    1. idk it’s confusing cuz it was a loose plot from the start…but anyways I loved the actors (they were great and handsome too??) which was all that mattered?? – that is to me. I just wish I’d to get to watch them more in future drama??.

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