Nevertheless (2021) Episode 7

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48 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 7

  1. the moment jiwan confessed to sol ……. those words literally reminded me of myself back 1 year ago….. i was literally so much into him…

  2. Is she stupid or what? I’m so mad. I really want them to be together, they both like each other, but why is she running away from Jae eon.

  3. I started to hate nabi! Why she always blame jae eon when she is the one making false imagination in her head and easily go out with any boy

  4. No way like just find him suspicious of the cousin I don’t know ?? so I prefer jea eon because he cute as and ssxy u know

    1. i know i swear they would be the perfect couple , like i think they would be the least unproblematic if they were together plus they are so cute

    1. omg yessss, i feel so bad for him. since he’s not a main character i really don’t think it’s going to happen tho :'(

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