Nevertheless (2021) Episode 8

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47 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 8

  1. as a kdrama stan for years, this is the first time i stan the second lead like i’m crying, i feel so heartbroken. if i were in nabi’s situation and i have dohyeok in my life, i would cry as well. i think nabi knows she is very stupid. girlllll, she is so stupid and blindly in love with jae eon. is that even love? i think it’s lust and pure toxic obsession. idk what i’m saying anymore, potato guy is better. period. nabi is stupid. like is she that easy as a girl? wth. jae eon is close to trash. hoping to see character development y’all

  2. ml is trying to change why is nabi avoiding him now two more to go and their love still has no progress? ah but i love them tho

  3. I hate Na-bi so much . She just let him do whatever he wants . Even though she didn’t actually want it . ?

    1. IKR, honestly, it was quite obvious, i only doubted it cos its an uncommon scenario in kdramas, but seeing how forward and out of the of the norm the whole drama is in general, I’m far from surprised.

  4. This drama is driving me crazy but at the same time I appreciate the realness that this drama brings. It makes me nostalgic as I reflect on my past college years. The matters of “love” relationship, attraction, compatibility, self-love, and all of that sha-bang in people’s early 20s are the most impactful growing pains IMO.

    1. Totally agree with you.
      I have never seen a drama that shows that there are people who struggle real-life situations like in this one.

      Even though some might think it’s annoying to see Nabi fall into his traps again and again, I bet that if they ever were in her situation and had such a strong attraction towards someone, they would struggle to resist.

      She also has a very romantizised ideal of love because of her first relationship and probably somewhat despises anything that seems perfect (expecting it to fall apart like her first love did), so she’s attracted to something unstable, but finds herself wishing for stability once again.

      Incredibly and terribly likely scenario, if you ask me.

  5. I love this Kdrama, it is so realistic. Unlike other Kdramas that are so predictable. It should be Nabi’s choice to date Potato boy, not date him out of pity, it wouldn’t be real.

    1. Just click on download. You’ll get a page with ‘Video upload’ and the links to download. I just click on the first link and it’s downloading

  6. Idc how hot this guy is but he is not the right guy for my girl like he is playing with her feelings its so wrong at first I was like okay they r just friends with benefits buy its getting out of hand

  7. The fuq is even going on. This drama turned into some senseless shit right after ep 3. I don’t know why I choose to continue. I guess I’m hoping for it to make some sense soon enough.

  8. I think in the last episode sol and jiwan will go to a 1 year anniversary trip, bc at the first episode someone said that it is jiwans dream to go on a couple trip

  9. it literally says it is the raw version and at the top it says Dear Dramacool users, you’re watching Nevertheless (2021) Episode 8 Raw. We’re still working on the english subs. Be patient please:)

    1. hi as you can see this is the raw version which drama cool has stated at the top of the page Dear Dramacool users, you’re watching Nevertheless (2021) Episode 8 Raw. We’re still working on the english subs. Be patient please:)

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