Nevertheless (2021) Episode 9

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89 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021) Episode 9

  1. ok so for the first time i felt bad for nabi and jae eon. both were stupid. he can’t say what he actually feels bcs he’s an idiot. i felt sad when nabi cried, i felt her heart has shattered…

  2. PARK JAE-ON LISTEN UP BOY: just tell her you like her, bro if you want her you will have to show her your true feelings. you keep messing up, when you have a chance. i swear if you two don’t end up together i’m actually gonna cry. is this another drama for people with second-lead-syndrome? i mean yea potato guy is nice and stuff, but i don’t think na-bi has feelings for him like she did for jae-on. it feels so forced. if this drama will end like love alarm 2, i’m never trusting y’all directors again like what the actual fuck-

  3. Park jaeon is really twisted. I can’t stand him despite his handsome face. Nabi asked if that the reason was why he asked her out and he straight up replied isnt that what you wanted? Omg i would slap him so hard. The thing is, there are actually people out there that really are like jaeon, having a completely different sense of morals and customs. Not understanding why people get upset because according to themselves they are completely right and good people. Ooofff, great actors for sure

  4. It’s not healthy for either Jeon nor Nabi to be together. Nabi clearly likes him and wants Jeon to be sure about his feelings and Jeon well he can’t do that for her even tho he likes her. So it’s for the best if they don’t contact each other at all. Jeon has problems with himself and he needs to fix them BY himself. After fixing if he is sure that he can make both Nabi and himself happy he will contact Nabi again. And as for Nabi she should try dating potato guy, he is really sweet and he is actually exactly what Nabi wants in Jeon. If they do this they will both understand if they still actually want to be together for, and potato guy’s mind will also be more cleared even if he will get a little hurt at the end of it.

  5. I know Jeon and Nabi are the main characters and u’d want them to end up together, but for the first time personally I think Jeon is really not ready for a relationship Nabi wants. For all the time he hurt her, even if he will confess to her that he likes her sencierely he won’t be able to prove that, he will hurt her again and again. So right now the best thing he can do if he reallyy actually likes her is to let her go and try figure himself out. He has always said the wrong things, made moves at the wrong place in the wrong time. He can be changed but too much damage is done and so idk if it’s worth it in the end

  6. Honestly I want yu nabi to be with Park jaeon cause to me I think personally because Jaeon didn’t ever hv a stable liking for any girl he was how he was. Buh den yu nabi came and he changed everything for her. I saw dat he has a really hard time expressing his tru feelings. Dats uly he I said ‘lets go out’ instead of ‘I like u’. He has never liked anyone so much dat he had to Express it until he met nabi. Wen nabi asked if he really liked her, she didnt even give him a chance to say yes she just kept blabbering. Maybe if she told him she liked him I think everything would hv been good. I dont want do deong to be with her in d end I want for nabi and Park jaeong to be together

    1. agreed like idk for me it seems jaeon is really trying but nabi is kind of always getting mad at him always saying she regrets it even tho she clearly likes him and even tho the potato guy is sweet and caring it feels so forced nabi is comfortable with him as she said yes but for me it feels like shes uncomfy when he hints nabi about his feelings

  7. Finally someone said my mind
    It’s like 2 story lines put together
    The vibes in the beginning is totally different from now ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  8. I hope she doesn’t end up with potato boy. He’s sweet and I like him. But they honestly don’t they have any (romantic) chemistry. It feels forced. After everything that’s happened, I hope she stays single and tries to focus more on herself and finds her drive and passion for art again. I think that would be the most realistic and satisfying ending.

  9. Next episode will be the last one.. so sad it doesn’t have 16 episodes like most dramas. Jae-eon and Nabi are probably done now. No more episodes to continue the game

  10. i honestly think nabi will fit with do heok because he has true feelings for her but its for nabi to decide her feelings i dont think jae eon will be with nabi at the end because he lost her and he just messed around with her while talking to other girls i feel bad for nabi 🙁

      1. bruh he is not a player, how many girls has he even been with, like stop saying he is, the girls that he has messed with know he isnt into relationships and still decide to be with him or sleep with him, thats not his fault thats on them

  11. ahhhhh……. tbh I really liked ep 9. after all I have “second lead syndrome” this drama is so fresh, really like all of the characters.

  12. Am I the only on here who’s actually happy that Na Bi cut it short with this messy relationship??
    The cook is handsome plus he’s a decent guy who doesn’t want to play with her emotion….
    By the way i’m just watching the show because of him from now on, my heart misses a beat everytime he smiles.
    Good show please keep the good work.

  13. omg no way am i the only one who’s happy watching this episode? I believe in second lead sydrome and it’s happening. I am so happy.

  14. This is the reason i regretted watching Love Alarm.It hurts a lott to see it. I dont get..I mean why..I really hope they end up together which seems impossible now?

    1. sameee omg. this drama is literally giving me love alarm vibes, cause of the ending ugh its so painful to watch

  15. I don’t want to Nabi be with Jaeon. She need someone that can show her how to love and be appreciated.

  16. really?? this guy cannot simply tell her he likes her? instead he goes on a rant and messes everything up, why Jaeon smh

  17. why is this so painful…. i stayed so eagerly to watch & this happened. why !!!!!!??? i even dont feel to watch this pain again. just look at his face,eyes. he never smiled honestly in this ep, im in tears.. i just want them to end up together. pleaasseeeeee. no ready to a sad ending

  18. Usually I am watching every episode many times ,but this one I can’t because it hurts me a lot,as if I am sharing the same pain with him.

  19. im actually in pain rn PARK JAE-ON ACTUALLY LIKES HER WHY CAN’T NA-BI TELL??!!! atleast we have Yun Sol and Ji-Wan even tho wlw dating isn’t that easy

  20. You know what should happen nabi should get pregnant for jeaon cause the bitch said she regret but the narrator should give her something to regret

    1. the thing is, in Love Alarm he should’ve ended up with the female lead but in here, i genuinely think that do hyeok (potato boy) is a better suit for na bi. she feels comfortable with him, and he has been respectful to her since the beginning of their friendship :).

  21. I am in so much pain ? why does do hyeok have to like nabi ? I don’t not have the guts to watch episode 10 how could the director do this to us ?

  22. I am in extreme pain right now?there’s absolutely no way Jaeon will get the girl after this. This episode was Pain. I don’t think I’ll even have the stomach to watch episode could the writer do this to us? this episode just proved that Nabi and Jaeon won’t end up together ?. But why???I won’t eat the whole day?I’m so hurt

      1. he isnt toxic they both are, na bi doesnt even know what to express her feelings as well, stop blaming jaeon for everything, they r both in the wrong, simple

    1. Why not? He was a jerk, lead her on, and I am glad that she is not putting up with something that degrades her. Nobody should. I really don’t like Na-bi, she is getting on my nerves just by looking at her, but she deserves sincerity, and clear communication and being assured where she stands in a relationship. Everyone deserves that an Jae-on plays dirty. Even if he feels deeply for her, he never says, never assures, leaves everything open and hanging in the air, so he can comfortably bow out whenever he feels like. Not fair, not nice. I would have said harsher things to him.

      1. He never says it because I dont think he is good with expressing his tru feelings. Buh look at it this way he changed alot for her

        1. Yeah, but it is visible from our POV only, not from Na-bi’s. She can’t see it, she sees a guy who is after sex and then leaves. He does not show anything about these inner changes to her, which would be the most important thing if he really wants to keep her. I am reading so many comments here and I am convinced that none of you guys had been in a real relationship, where both party has to put in the work and for each other. Real-life is not like dramas, and this one is more realistic than anything. People who fail to convince or at least try to show their effort for the sake of the other one would end up friend-zoned and deservedly so. Anyone with a scrap of a backbone and self respect would break up with them, That’s why I liked love alarm 2, too. It was realistic. Looks and wealth and an app is not enough. There is so many other, more important layers that builds love and helathy relationship that mere attraction. Trust for example. P Jae-on didn’t even try to proove that he is and was true to her and she means a lot. I allow, that he acted nice while he was with her, but never offered her more that shallow interactions and skinship. If he truly wanted her, he would have said it. Regardless of hard time expressing feelings. And that’s that. But they of course will end up together… it’s just a drama after all.

    2. probably cause he basically played her and messed with her feelings when he had a girlfriend and kept leading her on…

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