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Confession time: Song Joong Ki has me wrapped around his little finger. His ability to portray a wide range of characters with depth and authenticity has always impressed me. Whether he’s the intense Vincenzo or the romantic Captain Yoo Si Jin in “Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong Ki always stands out on the screen. 

We’ve put together a list of 17 dramas and movies starring Song Joong Ki on Dramacool for you: hidden gems, classic faves, and characters that shine under his spotlight. Ready to dive into the amazing world of Song Joong Ki? Let’s go!

Here are the korean dramas starring Song Joong Ki:

1.Reborn Rich (2022)

Reborn Rich (2022) poster

Yoon Hyun Woo is a dedicated secretary to the Soonyang chaebol family, who is caught in a power struggle between the founder’s children for control of the lucrative Soonyang Group business empire. Despite his loyalty and hard work, he is betrayed and killed on the orders of an unknown member of the family. However, Hyun Woo is miraculously reincarnated as the youngest member of the family, Jin Do Jun.

With his new identity, Hyun Woo plans to seek revenge against those who wronged him and take over the group. But it won’t be easy, as the ruthless and money-focused CEO firmly believes in the right of primogeniture. Can Hyun Woo win over the CEO and claim his rightful place in the company? And how will the persistent public prosecutor, Seo Min Young, known as the “Soonyang Group Grim Reaper,” play a role in this power struggle?

Release date: November 18, 2022

Genres: Business, Drama, Fantasy, Political

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, Shin Hyun Been

2.Little Women (2022)

Little Women (2022) poster

The story follows three sisters who share a strong bond, having grown up together in poverty. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they become entangled in a major incident and are pitted against the wealthiest family in the country.

The eldest sister, Oh In Joo, has always yearned for financial stability to protect her family. Having faced extreme poverty her entire life, her only desire is to live a normal life like others. However, a significant event rocks her world.

The second sister, Oh In Kyung, works as a news reporter and refuses to succumb to the power of wealth. She is determined to always do what is right and when a mysterious case from her past resurfaces, she sets out to uncover the truth.

The youngest sister, Oh In Hye, is showered with love from her older sisters who work tirelessly for her. Despite never having access to decent art supplies due to their financial struggles, she discovers her natural talent for art and enrolls in a

Release date: September 03, 2022

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Starring: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu

3.Vincenzo (2021)

Vincenzo (2021) poster

Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of Vincenzo Cassano, a charismatic and morally ambiguous character, demonstrated his adeptness at bringing nuance and complexity to his performances. He seamlessly shifted between intense action sequences and moments of dark humor, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

As a child, Park Joo Hyeong was adopted and moved to Italy. Now known as Vincenzo Cassano, he works for a Mafia family as a consigliere. When a Mafia war breaks out, he travels to South Korea and meets ambitious lawyer, Hong Cha Young. Using his own methods of justice, Vincenzo seeks revenge against a powerful conglomerate in his home country.

Release date: February 20, 2021

Genres: Comedy, Law, Crime, Drama

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Been, Ok Taec Yeon

4.Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

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In “Arthdal Chronicles,” Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of Eun Seom, a member of the Wahan tribe, showcases his ability to bring depth to a complex character. Eun Seom becomes a pivotal figure in the unfolding narrative as he discovers his true identity and becomes entangled in the political and social dynamics of Arth.

Set in the ancient land of Arthdal, Eun Seom is born with a fate that brings disaster to the land. Along with his mother, they endure hardships and eventually decide to leave in search of a better place. However, even in their new home, Eun Seom is seen as an outsider due to his differences from the natives. Meanwhile, war hero Ta Gon dreams of becoming the first king of Arthdal and has paved the way for the city’s prosperity. Tan Ya, also born with a similar fate, struggles to fulfill her role as the next great mother of the Wahan Tribe since the arrival of Eun Seom. Lastly, Taealha, daughter of the Hae tribe’s leader, has ambitious plans for her tribe.

Release date: June 01, 2019

Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Political

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won

5.Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Descendants of the Sun (2016) poster

In “Descendants of the Sun,” Song Joong Ki shines as Captain Yoo Si Jin, a charismatic special forces officer. His performance brings a perfect blend of humor and vulnerability, making the character captivating. The series, known for its engaging storyline and romantic elements, cemented Song Joong Ki’s reputation as a leading actor in the Korean entertainment scene.

A romance blossoms between Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin, a skilled surgeon and a dedicated special forces officer. Despite Mo Yeon’s strong capabilities and belief in merit, she learns that connections are necessary for advancement. When she meets Shi Jin, his selfless nature and loyalty to protecting others and his country leave a lasting impact on her. In the midst of war, they form a strong bond and defy the challenges they face.

Release date: February 24, 2016

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo

8.The Innocent Man (2012)

The Innocent Man (2012) poster

In “The Innocent Man,” Song Joong Ki delivers a compelling performance as Kang Ma-ru, a man who transforms from a kind-hearted medical student to a scheming individual seeking justice for the wrongs committed against him. His portrayal captures the character’s complexity, showcasing Song Joong Ki’s ability to convey a range of emotions and navigate intricate storylines.

Betrayed by his former love, Kang Ma Roo lives a life of hedonism, having sacrificed everything for Han Jae Hee only to learn she has married for money. Seeking revenge, he manipulates the resilient and aloof Seo Eun Gi, daughter of Jae Hee’s wealthy husband. As Ma Roo plots his retribution, their lives become intertwined in this dramatic tale of love and betrayal.

Release date: September 12, 2012

Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Starring: Moon Chae Won, Song Joong Ki, Park Shi Yeon

9.Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) poster

In “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Song Joong Ki takes on the role of Gu Yong Ha. In this drama, he displays his versatility by portraying a charming and witty character who navigates the challenges of disguising his true identity in a prestigious school. Song Joong Ki’s performance adds a delightful touch to the series, contributing to its success and showcasing his ability to bring depth to diverse roles.

After her father’s death, Kim Yun Hee takes on the responsibility of supporting her family while excelling in her studies. When her brother falls ill and their home is threatened with eviction due to financial struggles, Kim Yoon Hee makes the decision to take the men’s national exam in his place. She disguises herself as a boy and befriends Lee Seon Joon, a handsome but arrogant student from a wealthy family. They both pass the exam and are forced to share a room at Sungkyunkwan University, where Kim Yun Hee also befriends Goo Yong Ha, a playboy, and Moon Jae Shin, a rebellious student. This story is based on the novel “Sungkyunkwan Scandal 1&2” by Jung Eun Gwol.

Release date: August 30, 2010

Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Youth

Starring: Park Yoo Chun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki

10.My Precious You (2008)

My Precious You (2008) poster

“Jang In Ho, a radio producer, and Jeon Seol, a singer and composer, cross paths despite their rocky pasts. As they grow closer, a dark secret involving their families threatens to tear them apart. Can they overcome this obstacle and find love amidst their complicated histories?”

Release date: October 04, 2008

Genres: Romance

Starring: Kim Sung Soo, Lee Tae Ran, Ji Hyun Woo


Here is the list of the movies starring Song Joong Ki:

1.Bogota: City of the Lost (2024)

Bogota: City of the Lost (2024) poster

In the 1990s, Guk Hee relocates to Bogotá with his family in search of a better life. However, they struggle to make ends meet and Guk Hee finds himself at the bottom of the ladder. Through hard work and perseverance, he eventually rises to the top and becomes a dominant figure in Bogotá’s black market.

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Lee Hee Joon, Kwon Hae Hyo

2.Hopeless (2023)

Hopeless (2023) poster

“Yeon Gyu, a 17-year-old living in a town with no future or hope, saves up money to leave with his mother. Meanwhile, Chi Geon, who grew up in the same town, has become a mid-level boss in a criminal organization. When Yeon Gyu defends his stepsister and can’t pay the settlement, Chi Geon helps him and Yeon Gyu joins his gang. As he adapts to his new life with Chi Geon’s guidance, Yeon Gyu is drawn into increasingly perilous situations. In an attempt to escape their bleak reality, they become entrenched in the dangerous world they sought to leave.”

Release date: October 11, 2023

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Starring: Hong Xa Bin, Song Joong Ki, BIBI

3.Space Sweepers (2021)

Space Sweepers (2021) poster

In the year 2092, the vastness of space is filled with abandoned ships and satellites. The crew of The Victory, a junk collector ship, makes a living by gathering and selling debris. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, they rely on their speed and efficiency. However, their routine is disrupted when they come across a humanoid robot, Dorothy, who is infamous for being a powerful weapon. In a risky move, they agree to a business deal involving the dangerous robot.

Release date: February 05, 2021

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu

4.The Battleship Island (2017)

The Battleship Island (2017) poster

In the Japanese colonial era, approximately 400 Koreans were forcibly taken to Hashima Island, also known as Battleship Island, to work in coal mines. The group makes a daring attempt to escape from the harsh conditions and oppression they face on the island.

Release date: July 26, 2017

Genres: Action, Historical, Drama, War

Starring: Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki

5.A Werewolf Boy (2012)

A Werewolf Boy (2012) poster

An elderly woman receives a phone call and returns to a cottage from her childhood. She reminisces on a boy she knew 50 years ago. Suni and her family move to a rural village in Korea, where they take in a “wolf boy” and try to civilize him. Suni teaches the boy basic skills such as waiting for meals, getting dressed, and learning the alphabet in hopes that he can integrate into society.

Release date: October 31, 2012

Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Lee Young Ran

6.Tears in the Antarctic (2012)

Tears in the Antarctic (2012) poster

In the frigid South Pole, where temperatures reach 60 degrees below zero, the Emperor Penguins are the only inhabitants. Two baby penguins, Pengi and Sommi, are born into this harsh environment and are raised with love and care by their parents. Despite their differences – Pengi is a troublemaker while Sommi is a daddy’s girl – the two become close friends. But tragedy strikes when Sommi’s father goes missing, leaving her alone and on the verge of death. Pengi must now use all his resources to help his friend survive. Will they be able to overcome the challenges and grow into magnificent Emperor Penguins?

Release date: August 08, 2012

Genres: Documentary

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Shim Hyun Jung

7.Penny Pinchers (2011)

Penny Pinchers (2011) poster

Ji Woong is a struggling individual who can’t hold a job and resorts to lying to his mother for money. When his mother cuts him off, he becomes homeless. However, he is saved by Hong Shil, who makes a living collecting and selling bottles and newspapers. Hong Shil is frugal and determined to save 200 million won, but her plans are halted when she needs a second bank account. Ji Woong becomes her roommate and is essentially her personal servant in exchange for a place to stay.

Release date: November 10, 2011

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Starring: Song Joong Ki, Han Ye Seul, Lee Sang Yeob

And that’s it, the 17 best Song Joong Ki dramas and movies. Now we’d love to hear from you. Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts and let’s celebrate the magic of Song Joong Ki’s performances together!

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