Top 10 Korean Dramas Starring Lee Jung Suk, Ranked on Dramacool

Lee Jong Suk is a big name in Korean dramas! He started out modeling in 2005, then jumped into acting and charmed everyone with his youthful energy and acting skills. Over the years, he’s played all sorts of roles, from cute high schoolers to smart lawyers, proving he can do anything! If you’re looking for new K-dramas to add to your watch-list, Lee Jong Suk has something for everyone! Here are the top 10 of Dramacool’s most popular dramas starring Lee Jong Suk.

1.While You Were Sleeping (2017)

While You Were Sleeping (2017) poster

The story follows Nam Hong Ju, a young woman with a unique ability to predict the future, as she lives with her mother and runs a small restaurant. Although her gift is powerful, she often struggles to alter the course of events. Across the street, rookie prosecutor Jung Jae Chan and his brother Seung Won move in as their new neighbors. After a strange dream involving Hong Ju, ambitious attorney Lee Yu Beom, and a life-saving intervention, Jae Chan discovers that their fates are intertwined. The two begin to share dreams and form a mysterious connection.

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Starring: Bae Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In

In this fantasy-romance, Lee Jong Suk plays a prosecutor who can foresee the future through his dreams. The drama explores the consequences of these premonitions and unfolds a complex narrative of fate, justice, and love.

2.W (2016)

W (2016) poster

Oh Sung Moo, the father of surgeon Oh Yeon Joo, disappears under mysterious circumstances while working on the final chapter of his webtoon “W”. Yeon Joo searches for him and is unexpectedly pulled into his office’s monitor, finding herself on a rooftop next to an injured man. She rescues him and realizes that he is Kang Cheol, the protagonist of her father’s webtoon. Yeon Joo soon discovers that she can only enter and exit the webtoon according to Kang Cheol’s emotional state.

Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Starring: Han Hyo Joo, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Eui Sung

Lee Jong Suk takes on a unique role in this fantasy-thriller, playing a character who mysteriously crosses over from a webtoon world to the real world. The drama blends elements of romance, suspense, and fantasy, creating an immersive and unpredictable storyline.

3.Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)

Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019) poster

Cha Eun Ho, a successful and attractive writer, holds the position of the youngest chief editor at a publishing company. He maintains a composed and rational attitude at work. When his childhood friend, Kang Dan Yi, a former renowned copywriter, falls on hard times after her divorce and struggles to find employment, Eun Ho becomes entangled in her life. Despite her past success, she is unable to secure a job and resorts to lying about her background to work as a temporary employee in the same building as Eun Ho. As they spend more time together, a love story begins to blossom.

Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

Starring: Lee Na Young, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Eugene

This romantic comedy-drama features Lee Jong Suk as a successful and charming author who finds himself entangled in the life of a former copywriter trying to restart her career. The drama explores themes of friendship, love, and second chances, with Lee Jong Suk delivering a charismatic and endearing performance.

4.Pinocchio (2014)

Pinocchio (2014) poster

Choi In Ha, an idealistic broadcast reporter, faces challenges due to her “Pinocchio syndrome” which causes her to hiccup when she lies. She joins a team of rookie colleagues, including the eloquent and sharp-minded Choi Dal Po, the privileged Seo Bum Jo, and the knowledgeable fangirl Yoon Yoo Rae. Together, the 20-somethings strive for justice while also navigating their own personal growth.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang

Lee Jong Suk stars in this drama as a young man with a unique condition that causes him to hiccup whenever he tells a lie. The series delves into the world of journalism, addressing ethical dilemmas and the pursuit of truth. Lee Jong Suk’s portrayal earned acclaim for its emotional depth and sincerity.

5.I Hear Your Voice (2013)

I Hear Your Voice (2013) poster

Jang Hye Sung, a public defender with a bold and sassy personality, becomes a lawyer after overcoming poverty and painful memories from her past. She meets Park Soo Ha, a 19-year-old boy who can read minds, and Cha Kwan Woo, an idealistic and cheerful former cop turned lawyer. Hye Sung and Soo Ha have a connection as she was his first love and he promised to protect her from a killer’s threats. Along with Kwan Woo, they work together to find justice in the courtroom and take on seemingly impossible cases.

Genres: Mystery, Law, Romance, Supernatural

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun

Lee Jong Suk takes on the role of a young, telepathic lawyer in this legal thriller. The drama revolves around his character’s ability to hear people’s thoughts and its impact on the pursuit of justice. Lee Jong Suk’s performance adds depth to the suspenseful storyline.

6.Doctor Stranger (2014)

Doctor Stranger (2014) poster

Park Hoon and his father were abducted by North Korea when he was young. His father, a doctor, trained him to become a skilled heart surgeon. After escaping to South Korea, Park Hoon joins Myeongwoo University Hospital as a doctor. However, he struggles to fit in. In order to reunite with his love from North Korea, he resorts to doing whatever it takes to make money.

Genres: Thriller, Romance, Drama, Medical

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Kang So Ra

In this medical thriller, Lee Jong Suk plays a brilliant surgeon who becomes entangled in a web of political and medical conspiracies. The drama combines medical drama with political intrigue, showcasing Lee Jong Suk’s ability to handle complex narratives and intense character arcs.

7.School 2013 (2012)

School 2013 (2012) poster

Seungri High School is notorious for its low academic performance among the 178 high schools in Seoul. Kang Se Chan, a renowned Korean language teacher, becomes the co-homeroom teacher of class 2-2 when he transfers to Seungri High. His colleague, Jung In Jae, is a short-term Korean language teacher who also gets appointed as the homeroom teacher of the same class. As they face challenges such as bullying, academic struggles, and conflicting teaching styles, they must work together to guide their class towards graduation.

Genres: Mystery, Youth, Drama

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Daniel

In this high school drama, Lee Jong Suk plays a troubled student with a difficult past. The series explores the challenges and relationships within a school setting, and Lee Jong Suk’s portrayal of a complex character earned him praise for bringing authenticity to the role.

8.Big Mouth (2022)

Big Mouth (2022) poster

Park Chang Ho, known as “Big Mouth” for his tendency to make grand promises he can’t keep, is a struggling lawyer with a reputation for failure. Despite this, he is hired by a Mayor who sees his incompetence as an advantage. However, Chang Ho’s luck takes a turn for the worse when he is falsely accused of being the elusive con artist “Big Mouse” and is sent to prison.

His devoted wife, Go Mi Ho, works as a nurse and possesses a strong personality. She is determined to clear her husband’s name and solve the case that the Mayor has assigned to him. As she delves deeper into the truth, will she be successful in proving Chang Ho’s innocence or will her investigations uncover a web of deceit and corruption?

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Law, Drama

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah, Kim Joo Heon

9.The Hymn of Death (2018)

The Hymn of Death (2018) poster

Set against the backdrop of Japanese occupation in Korea, this true story follows Kim Woo Jin, a stage drama writer who is married but falls in love with Yun Shim Deok. Deok is the first Korean soprano and in 1926 she records the song “Praise of Death,” which becomes the first Korean pop song. Despite their love, Woo Jin and Shim Deok’s fate ultimately ends in tragedy.

Genres: Music, Historical, Romance, Melodrama

Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hye Sun, Park Seon Im

Lee Jong Suk stars in this short historical drama based on the real-life tragic romance between Korea’s first soprano Yun Sim-deok and genius playwright Kim Woo-jin. Despite its brief length, the drama is poignant and emotional, allowing Lee Jong Suk to showcase his dramatic acting skills.

10.Secret Garden (2010)

Secret Garden (2010) poster

This drama follows the story of Kim Joo Won, a conceited and unconventional CEO who strives for perfection, and Gil Ra Im, a financially struggling and modest stuntwoman who is envied for her looks. When Joo Won mistakenly believes Ra Im is a famous actress, their initial encounter leads to a tense and argumentative connection. As Joo Won grapples with his unexpected attraction to Ra Im, they are both thrown into a strange situation where their bodies are switched.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Melodrama, Supernatural

Starring: Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun

Although not his lead role, Lee Jong Suk made a memorable appearance in this popular fantasy romance drama. His character, credited as “Stuntman Kim,” added a touch of humor and charm to the storyline, showcasing his ability to make an impact even in supporting roles.

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