A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

Other name: 오늘도 사랑스럽개 / 犬系戀人 / Oneuldo Sarangseureobgae / Lovely Again Today / Дорама Отличный день, чтобы стать собакой

Synopsis: Han Hae Na is a single high school teacher with a family secret. Due to an ancestor’s fault, Han Hae Na’s family has been cursed for generations. When someone of her family kisses anyone, they turn into a dog at midnight for six hours. Afterwards, they revert back to their normal appearance. This transformation repeats itself every night until that person, in their dog appearance, kisses the same person. Whenever Han Hae Na meets a man for a potential romantic relationship, she asks that person to not kiss her. This usually leads the men to leave her.
Drunk one night, Han Hae Na accidentally kisses Jin Seo Won, a teacher at the same high school, though they aren’t even close as colleagues. Han Hae Na soon panics and persistently approaches Seo Won for a chance at another kiss. However, Jin Seo Won has a fear of dogs.
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Adapted from the webtoon “A Good Day to Be a Dog” (오늘도 사랑스럽개) by Lee Hey (이혜).
Episodes: 14


Status: Ongoing

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31 Comments to “A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023)

  1. Yooo again ??‍♀️?no episode 5 amma soon give up on this drama , these delays out here giving me anxiety ??

  2. Abeg anxiety want kill me here …and this is the solution….so pls when is ep5 come out unless I go watch true beauty over again…cause cha eun woo’d face is the only face i want to see??

  3. It mentioned that the airing of A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 4 has been postponed to next week due to coverage of the 2023 KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) post-season semi-playoffs. Hence, there will be no new episode of the South Korean drama this week. The episodes wil resume from 1st November.

  4. They show alot of love for animals and that is a nice thing. Also this just fiction like any other series. So dont read into it too much, enjoy the light hearted storyline and if it’s not to your liking, then don’t watch it I guess.. ?‍♀️

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