Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 5

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4 Comments to “Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 5

  1. Lovely Legs though!
    But the robot boyfriend is right!.. those shorts she kept wearing are way too short!
    Also calling her “Girlfriend” each and everytime is getting too annoying.(just saying..)

  2. I really do hope she gets back together with her ex-boyfriend, if she ends up falling for the robot, it would be really sad for her because he is not human. I don’t think I would be satisfied if this drama ended like “Are You Human too?” But if she ends up being alone, and happy with that lifestyle, that is perfectly fine too.

    1. I agree with you about that. Even though the robot is nice and sweet to her but he’s still just a robot. I didn’t like her ex at first but now I know the reason he treated her like that, I feel sorry for him and hope they get back together. He should have trusted her and told her what’s was going on in the beginning. It wouldn’t have turned out like this.

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