Black Knight (2023)

Black Knight (2023)

In the year 2071, toxic air pollution has devastated the world, leaving only 1% of the population alive. Society has become strictly divided and people wear gas masks whenever they venture outside. Parcel delivery is a crucial service, and the drivers, known as knights, not only deliver packages but also protect them from thieves.

One such knight is Knight 5-8, a legendary figure renowned for his combat skills. He meets Sa Wol, a refugee who dreams of becoming a knight and looks up to Knight 5-8. Seol A, an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command, saved Sa Wol’s life and has taken him under her care.

Knight 5-8 takes Sa Wol under his wing and helps him realize his dream of becoming a knight. The story is based on the webcomic “Taekbaegisa” by Lee Yoon Kyun.

Also known as: 택배기사 末日騎士 末日骑士 Taegbaegisa Delivery Knight / Delivery Driver / Courier / El caballero negro



Release Year:

Air Date: May 12, 2023

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9 Comments to “Black Knight (2023)

  1. This better have some mastermind thriller genre cuz ain’t no way I am only about to watch random extreme actions based on a simple story….seems promising but it should have some crazy plot twists to hook us fs

  2. KimWoo Bin love you he is back missed you a lot man.welcome and stay healthy always .. from Germany greetings