Celebrity (2023)

Celebrity (2023)

Seo A-Ri (Park Gyu-Young) becomes a social media influencer to gain fame and fortune. With daring strategies, she amasses a large following and exploits it for personal gain. As she revels in her newfound celebrity status, she also experiences the dark side of the industry.

Also known as: 셀러브리티 絕世網紅 绝世网红 Selleobeuliti



Release Year:

Air Date: Jun 30, 2023

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4 Comments to “Celebrity (2023)

  1. Would recommend if you’re in the mood for some luxury p*** paired with influencer drama sprinkled with some Cinderella(?) vibes.

    An entertaining “high makjang” that fails to go full dark or full comedy. It could have been grittier but I guess that they were afraid of losing their target audience. The production value was good though and the cast was fine too. They could have developed some of the side characters more but it’s still watchable. The romance was unnecessary imo, but that’s true for 90% of dramas which are not clearly romance. My main issue was that the story couldn’t commit to portraying the main lead as dreamy or shady. For most of the episodes, I wasn’t sure how they wanted me to feel about him. I think the highlight is the second female lead. I wish we had seen more of her because she thought and acted differently from everyone else.

    1. Literally I’m not sure if the male lead was supposed to be likeable or not, like pick a side but I think in the end that’s what I ended up liking about him he was mysterious in a way that made u wanna know more about him and why he did the things he did and I actually really liked the romance between the two leads and at one point was the only thing that kept me watching but overall the drama wasn’t that horrendous but it was something you would watch if u wanted to have both a comedy and romance but with a little bit of a dark side to it to keep things thrilling and make it more addictive. I definitely recommend it if u like something that isn’t too gruesome but also has some darkness and mystery to it .