Cold Blooded Intern (2023)

Cold Blooded Intern (2023)

Go Hae Ra was a dedicated merchandiser, but she quit her job after becoming a mother. For 7 years, she focused on raising her child. Now aiming to restart her career, she faces difficulty finding work.

One day, she interviews for an entry-level role at Market House. Here, she reconnects with Choi Ji Won, the charismatic director of the product planning team. Despite their past collaboration at another company, Choi Ji Won offers Go Hae Ra an intern spot in the product planning team. Her proposition is both kind and harsh.

Episodes: 12

Director: Han Sang Jae [한상재]

Also known as: 잔혹한 인턴 잔혹한 애란씨 残酷的实习生 Janhoghan Inteon / Janhoghan Aelanssi Cruel Mrs Ae Ran / Cruel Miss Ae Ran / Cruel Intern



Release Year:

Air Date: Aug 11, 2023

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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