Dare to Love Me (2024) Episode 2

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5 Comments to “Dare to Love Me (2024) Episode 2

  1. wow, los comentarios que dejaron en el ep 1 dan miedo jajaja, en cambio, yo he encontrado el drama gracioso, a veces da un poco de cringe, pero se deja ver.

  2. – I swear I’ve seen more umbrellas in k-dramas than truck of dooms in the last few weeks.
    – I am so embarrassed for all of her interactions w/ YoonBok. I want to hide more than her.
    – Speaking of, I really like the actress’s acting. It feels very natural.
    – L is ok, but I feel like he needs to feel his character out more. Honestly, wish they made him a bit smarter w/ modern world.
    – I really do dig this idea of a village that adheres to this era of the old, but it really brings up a lot of questions.
    – The show has some creative ideas, but I feel the execution is way lacking.

    PS I can’t believe how this drama was completely dropped after ep 1. Don’t blame them, but I think I’ll stick for 1 more week.

  3. I find the drama quite nice and not sure why many find it cringe. There are many places in the current world where ancient villagers limit their interaction with modern world/cities. Their modern knowledge is taught and they refuse to adopt technology in fear of losing their old ways.