DNA Says Love You (2022) Episode 12

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7 Comments to “DNA Says Love You (2022) Episode 12

    1. i agree, there are so many bl shows coming out in 2022 and there are some which are overrated and popular but dont really impress me when i watch them as im pretty choosy which makes it difficult to choose good quality bl. but this show is soo underrated. i started watching this without any expectation simply because i was checking out recently released bl shows but i am glad i decided to watch this amongst the tons of bl shows released nowadays. there are some other underrated bl released this year as well like triage, plus and minus etc

  1. This serie was so cute… and somehow, special too.. it was really different from what I used to watch! The story is very interesting, the actors are supeeeer talented, their acting is so good .. Amber is my favorite haha, he is first : so gorgeous omg and second : his acting skills are very good..!!! I hope he’ll become a very famous actor ? and for the others too, like…my favs are : Xiao Li – he is so funny and so cute.. Yu He – she is sooo funny too haha and I loved her acting .. finally Amber, who really impressed me ?
    Congrats to all actors who did super great, every one of them impressed me in their own ways.. and I’ll miss them for sure ?

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