Do Unto Others (2023)

Do Unto Others (2023)

Other name: ロストケア / Rosutokea / Lost Care

Synopsis: On an early morning, two dead bodies are found at a house. One deceased person is a senior citizen and the other deceased person is their caregiver. Shiba Munenori works for the same home health care agency that the deceased caregiver worked. Shiba Munenori is known as a kind and devoted caregiver. Yet, the police begin to target him as a suspect. While investigating the case, Prosecutor Otomo Hidemi learns that the home health care agency has an unusually high mortality rate. To uncover the truth, Otomo Hidemi confronts Shiba Munenori.
Adapted from the novel “Lost Care” (ロストケア) by Hamanaka Aki (葉真中顕).
Director: Maeda Tetsu [前田哲]



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