Doctor Slump (2024)

Doctor Slump (2024)

Other name: 닥터슬럼프 / 닥터 슬럼프 / 低谷医生 / Dakteoseulleompeu / Dr. Slump / Доктор Крах / ركود الطبيب

Synopsis: Yeo Jeong Woo is a successful plastic surgeon who studies at the top medical school in the country. His life is pushed to the edge when a mysterious medical accident occurs. He meets Nam Ha Neul, his former rival, during the lowest point in his life. Ha Neul works as an anesthesiologist and was once referred to as a genius due to her extreme intelligence. She is devoted to her work and studying, leaving no time for fun experiences. Feeling dissatisfied with her life, she decides to make a change and meets Jeong Woo. The two comfort each other and eventually form a romantic relationship.



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140 Comments to “Doctor Slump (2024)

  1. I don’t think I’ve disliked a Fl’s best friend like I do Hong Ran. No hate to the actress, its definitely the writers fault for this but why does Hong ran only exist to say something out loud for the ML and FL to overhear or slip some relevant piece of info only for the the plot to move on? the writer were lazy in this part cause there were better ways of relaying important information without having someone overhear something “by accident” every minute.

  2. they went to med school yet they’re destroying their minds and bodies with alcohol. they should know better than that. they’re pretty much alcoholics by now

  3. so I shouldn’t watch it because I have an opinion about something related to the drama? then all of the dramas you watched and finished are 10/10, right?

  4. I think majority are complaining not because it is there but it has become excessive, more importantly it is leading to lazy writing, redundant scenes, lack of creativity in staging scenes between 2 characters. Drinking is kculture most understand that but now the alcohol is contributing to poor drama quality that is more bothersome than the drinking itself.

  5. it’s a k-drama people, that means characters will get drunk as hell with ton of pink makeup on their faces ( still better than when that was being done by very bad CGI😁) , they will have most likely kind of toxic relationship and at least one non-sencical breakup. If you can’t stomach any of these I suggest trying some completely other genre ? My coutry produces either few endless (and i mean 10+ years running) ,not-even-funny deama series, or a ton of crimi series. Seems to be our thing somehow? Anyways I assure you that it did not in any way inspire half the nation to become criminals just cause there is a murder on the tv every day… it’s just a tv you know 😅 so yeah we have bunch of murders and very grumpy detectives, and a hospital drama that after 15years of runtime doesn’t even contain the hospital and Korea has dramas with relationships that would give therapist nightmares and excessive “funny drinking” and the fooood !!!😁 that being said ,I do think that in this specific drama where they are both doctors actually (and claim to be good ones at that) they should’ve omitted the drinking since they’re both on meds. Not because I think people are idiotic enough mot to know better after watching it, but because it seems very out-of-chatacter and distubrs the drama in that way.

  6. The writing is very uneven in this series. It moves from really good to really bad.

    I am going to finish it because there is enough I like, but I can’t see myself rating it high or thinking about it once it ends.

  7. I really don’t mind dialogue heavy shows at all but here you do get zoned out. it’s repetitive. nothing fresh. PSH’s delivery doesn’t help.

  8. brother character is so over the top…sometimes you just need to shut up…he is not comedic relief at all…but feels more of a annoying person…actor is amazing though

    I keep blushing while watching them.
    Park Hyung Sik is so BABYYYY

  10. I agree with you. I love Kdramas but I have a big problem with alcohol consumption. Not a single drama where the FL and the ML are not drunk at least once, except maybe Tell me that you love me

  11. it’s true, I know that the drinking culture in Korea is very deeply rooted, but recently in dramas too often it almost borders on alcoholism, and I take antidepressants and I can’t imagine drinking alcohol.

  12. i cant believe we’re at ep9! its getting closer to the end and i dont want it to end😭 i’m gonna miss these two. Park Hyung Sik is the soul of this show, i had tears in my eyes and the next scene, he is on and makes me laugh🙃 the next episode is going to make me scream😗

  13. A lot of people are complaining about the high alcohol consumption, and while I do agree that it can be very problematic (especially for younger people who think it’s okay to drink so much or feel pressured to drink as much), I can understand why they chose to let the main characters drink so much. A lot of people with mental disorders like depression and PTSS do struggle with alcohol problems, so it is possible the mc’s drink to also forget about their mental problems. I really hope that this is the case and that they’ll discuss this problem further in the show 🙂

  14. a lot of has changed. the actors we saw while growing up are out of the picture. Its natural yet saddening. We may have different opinions but these days, people be hyping a lot of dramas for nothing. Some kdramas that I enjoy at first eventually dissapoint me. They don’t have real deals, they don’t talk about life, they don’t make sense and above everything , they are mostly copied. only a few dramas catch my attention. and about 19-20 dramas. I didn’t even like some top dramas. it wasn’t it for me. But 2023 might be the one. We are going to have a lot of comebacks.

  15. and sometimes i feel like i know they are acting idk how to explain it but some scenes w the leads feel forced and not really natural..

  16. To me there is something still fishy to unveil but I agree in the current situation, ppl might wonder what is still to tell?.. Also second coupleis so underwhelming.

  17. I could love this drama so much more if they just tone down the alcohol consumption. It’s jarring as well as disturbing.

    Nevertheless, I still love this drama and the lead couple a lot. Been bawling with Ha Neul almost every single time.

  18. i’m so bored of it, its not refreshing and we can guess pretty much what will be said, i feel like this drama has no where to go anymore yet still like 6 episodes left lol

  19. i heard about that town where cola is cheaper, and for sure i am with you, i hate excessive drinking or when people can’t have fun without it, and it is a huge problem in Korea but nothing changes because of the culture behind it and social reasons (for ex you cant (shouldn’t) turn down a drink from someone older and/or in a higher position than you) i think people need to understand this or at least take this into consideration

  20. For the first time PSH proved thaT her kisisng scenes arent bad(fr they both severed a d ATE)🤣 i even saw a reel where people agree that the badest kisser in kdrama is PSH

  21. ep 10 could have been the last episode, it sums up everything, don’t know what they gonna come up with for 6 more 😅, now his character is one of my fav depiction of a boyfriend in k-drama, funny,straightforward and doting

  22. asdfghjkl 😭😭 I love how they are slowly but surely falling in loooooooove 🥹 freaking love how they managed to convey their feelings and support for one another. Their bond is something precious.

    His “have I told you …..!?!”…. and continuous “I like you “ plus that “I think you are pretty” and ultimate “I gained something precious…. I really like you, to me you’re like my anxiety medication, my life is so bitter and salty but you are so sweettt ( that was damn right in the feels❤️❤️ ) wish my boyfriend says something like that to me lols.
    Holy moly… jeongwoo bro that was the cutest confession ever..

    Anyho, love today’s episode. Love their moments…..I could just see it happening like
    it’s just them being them fond and in love ?? and honestly that is a beautiful thing.

  23. You’re forgetting that they found the bottle with his finger prints on it. Their assumption being that he must have secretly given her the drug.

  24. preview for ep 8, can’t wait for tomorrow ❤️by the way, his senior is still suspicious to me… I’m glad the romance starts early and we have many scenes between the leads. With the topics in the drama, the plot and their relationship so far, I don’t think we’ll have a breakup, but we never know. I really love this drama so far. The only things that kinda bothers me is the mother accusing the brother and beating him.

  25. Exactly my thought – the fact that he allowed JW to go through humiliation and near bankruptcy when he could very well have resolved the issue by producing evidence is utterly unbelievable..
    Scared? Of what? Even when JW caught him outside his house, he chose to run away rather than just hand over the evidence.

  26. I love them both so much. I love Jeong Woo and Ha Neul. I love this drama a lot with their scenes 🥹❤️
    I’m crying

  27. Yeo Jeong Woo said that Nam Ha Neul is like sweet in his bitter and salty life. She is like a sweet candy in a salty pond .

  28. I’m not one to poke at logic holes in plot but the warfarin bugs me. They should have known she was on it and she should have been taken off of it before surgery. It’s a huge oversight they missed that. My mom had surgery a couple times and had to be off her blood thinners days in advance, one surgery was even postponed because she hadn’t been off them long enough and the anesthesiologist didn’t want to take the risk.

  29. I don’t really think there’s more drinking scenes, just more beer. Soju was pretty heavily featured in dramas for a while there.

  30. Depends on the anti depressant really, some just make the affects of alcohol worse or the side effects of the drugs can be heightened (like drowsiness). Or the combo can make depression symptoms worse. Some can have much more life threatening side effects when mixed with alcohol. It’s generally not recommended.

  31. Thats a valid point.

    But the way it works in the OR is
    Every patient who comes for a surgery.
    From putting in a cannula to checking every drug before administering is done by the anaesthetist.

    No one else including the surgeon is allowed to give anything to the patient.

    And the fact that anaesthetist refusing to give a statement should have raised suspicion on him not the surgeon.

  32. I’m prepared to endure the onslaught from faithful fans, but it’s my humble opinion that Ms. Park is simply a bad, if not a very bad, actress. I am baffled by her popularity. She’s not as atrocious as Shin Sae Kyeong, who I cannot endure for two seconds, but she’s pert near. Can anyone explain to me why she is popular (and I mean this kindly, ok)?

  33. Him confessing over and over was so cute, damn it. Made my heart flutter each time!!! I was giggling at screen the whole time. 😆😆

  34. Making them doctors wasn’t the greatest choice.
    This is not a medical drama, so they should have given them other professions, and not a lot would have changed.
    I know medicine is vast and there are tons of specialities, but surely every doctor has grasp of the basics. These two don’t seem to have it lol.

    But, I am just choosing to ignore it.

  35. They really don’t have the basics 😂 I actually like the medical part of this drama. I appreciate them showing that doctors can suffer from mental illnesses too, since the profession is often glamorized. But they’re just not doing a very good job at portraying these mental illnesses. I try to ignore it but sometimes it’s a bit too much. I’m also hoping it gets better. Like so far I’ve seen how they expounded on how Haneul was depressed since for the first few episodes all they did was have her say it, without really showing the symptoms she experienced.

  36. I know dramas aren’t 100% realistic but it’s very weird to me that Haneul keeps drinking excessively while taking antidepressants??!?! And she’s a doctor!?!?

  37. Is drinking alocohol while on anti – depressants so bad ? I have been in periods without having alcohol and having alcohol , actually there we no difference at all in life.

  38. I hope we see the actor playing her brother’s character in more dramas, he’s great!

    The ending of that ep was so cute. But is love like that even the tiniest bit realistic?? It’d be great if it was.

    Anyway the whole reveal w the spy cams + truth about the court case was a bit rubbish – should’ve been more depth to it

  39. Perhaps, but I assume once they found the drug with Jeong Woo’s finger prints on it they figured they had their suspect and didn’t look further. I’d have to watch it again to check the chain of events.

    “No one else including the surgeon is allowed to give anything to the patient.”

    That’s how it’s suppose to work, sure, but if you’re trying to murder someone they that process wouldn’t really matter now would it? But I agree it’s odd that the cops didn’t consider the anesthesiologist a suspect given how shady he was behaving

  40. Watched all four episodes and this is amazing. The leads are so good together. The heartfelt and funny moments between them is so good to watch. Their relationship is perfectly balanced and not like some recent drama where the whole personality and life of ML revolves around the FL. Always liked both Park actors and they are doing a great job here. The SML is also really funny, I would love to see more of his interactions with the ML. Looking forward to next episodes.

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  42. do you think people who study 17 h/d are spoiled? do you even know what spoiled means? a person working their a s s off is not spoiled by any means. none of them are spoiled or privilaged. mental burn out, depression and anxiety occur very easily when you strain yourself daily to that amount. struggling is not just “financial”, mental struggles are worse

  43. I’m loving it so far. I could tell they have good chemistry in episode 2. When he gave her his jacket… I can tell the romance is going to get good-good. They’re beautiful together.

  44. The description of this drama made both leads sound like geniuses? Is that not the case after all?
    Well then, that’s good, they are indeed avoiding the Genius Mary Sue types and having them actually study hard.

    “lets not belittle people’s effort and think they were blessed from the heavens because i know many people who got into med school with quite an average intelligence.”
    The issue wasn’t getting into med school, the issue was genetic luck/genius, but since apparantly that wasn’t the case here, no problem then.
    I’m not not belittling people working hard, I’m belittling who DON’T have to work hard for it.

    Naturally super good looking/Genius/mega charm characters are so boring. Give me real people who don’t have things handed to them by genetic luck and by no actions of their own. 🙄

  45. should also disallow people from giving 10/10 reviews before episodes have been aired, just like fan girls have been doing with my demon

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  47. they are finally back after the heirs drama 11 years ago I’m so excited for doctor slump love their acting and them as actors 🥺

  48. I honestly doubt that cuz there’s like only 2 romcoms dramas I’m looking foward to in January, this year feels like a thriller year already

  49. Can’t wait for Doctor Slump to cure Hyung-sikness. Not too keen for Shin Hye but Hyung-sik is good enough reason to be watching this one.