Duty After School (2023)


The sci-fi thriller “Duty After School,” based on Ha Il Kwon’s webtoon of the same name, portrays a scenario in which students from across the country are drafted to battle unidentified objects in order to earn additional points prior to the SAT exam.

Also known as: 방과 후 전쟁활동 Banggwa Hu Jeonjaenghwaldong /Afterschool Military Activity / Afterschool War Activities


Status: Completed

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Duty After School (2023) trailer

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20 Comments to “Duty After School (2023)

  1. I am liking the production of this show; very entertaining, but………. I really wish ALL writers would stop writing in stupid love struck storylines. …… No person ( teenager) with I need to live common sense who is running around trying to save their lives or their friends etc., is interested in, or thinking about hooking up / I need a boyfriend / girlfriend.

    1. The original writer never intended this to be the same grim and hopeless monster apocalypse story as a thousand others out there. You can also see how he uses humor and comedic relief in many parts, so teenagers acting out on their very teenagey hormones in such a world setting suits it well, imo.

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