Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 (2024)

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 (2024)

Other name: 이상한 변호사 우영우 시즌2 / Yisanghan Byeonhosa Wooyoungwoo Sijeun 2 / Yisanghan Byeonhosa Wooyoungwoo 2 / Extraordinary Attorney Woo S2 / Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2

Synopsis: The drama is directed by Yoo In Shik and follows a compelling plot of intertwining lives and relationships.



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23 Comments to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 (2024)

  1. pretty sure they offered her castaway diva after watching her in eaw, which is a shame because she’s a good actress & her performance kind of didn’t feel as good because it was just so monotonous.

  2. Ideas for S2 take note 🙇
    Sister and brother interaction.
    Woo fighting Mother’s lawfirm and maybe reconcile in the end? idk
    romance romance romance
    more thought provoking case.
    MORE BROTHER AND SIS Interaction! I needd those.
    I ship Woo best friend ( short hair) with The annoying office guy ( one who hates woo) so that couple would make me happy.

  3. Honestly I always felt like thus needed a 2nd season cause the ending had so many things that were not said or done in the story. I like a good abstract ending but that didnt match this plot for me. Soxmany plotlines were untouched which needed a little more context. Glad to have a 2nd part!!

  4. well knowing that your women career in korea ends basically when they hit 40. Better to get all the money you can before you get that age.

  5. probably but at that age normally they got married and have children so they are not working the same like before. 95% of dramas are lead by women under 40 years old.

  6. yall have some season 2 trust issues… Other dramas might have wronged you, but you never know. It might be as good as season 1.

  7. sigh. humans! what on earth was wrong with her acting in Castaway diva?! I don’t get it. what kind of standards do y’all set for yourself in this life? can you do half of what she did?! smh. please touch some grass.