Find Me in Your Memory


It is based around a couple – the man is born with a medical condition that enables him to remember certain parts of his life in complete detail and he finds a woman who is exactly his opposite as she forgets all the important parts of her life. They make for an interesting couple as they start falling for each other. In the drama, Lee Jung Hoon plays the role of a TV journalist and Yeo Ha Jin plays the role of an experienced actress in the film industry who often ends up in controversies.

Also known as: 그 남자의 기억법 / Geu Namjaui Kieokbeop / That Man’s Mnemonics / The Man’s Memory / The Man’s Memory Method / Memoir of the Man / Memoirs of a Man / His Memorization Method / The Way He Remembers


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26 Comments to “Find Me in Your Memory

  1. like srsly I hate coming to the comment section of the movie I want to watch if I don’t have strong believe to watch it I will discourage who told u guys this movie is not good and the guy didn’t act well if u don’t know how to watch movie fuck off don’t come under this place to comment rubbish and discourage people u don’t know some people check comment section before watch a movie to boost their mora and energy to watch it some of u don’t know how talk learn and stop being stupid

  2. Sure. If you are looking for the girl in any other kdramas they would be “True Beauty” “The Great Seducer” and for more romance kdramas:
    -Nevertheless, Ending Again, 18 Again, Twenty five twenty-one, Extraordinary You, Busines Proposal, Sound of Magic, Love Alarm

  3. For everyone complaining about the uploading schedule, it gets uploaded every Wednesday and Thursday. Last week’s episode 9 was not uploaded on the Wednesday due to the Korean election, and because every show has its own scheduled release time they could not upload 2 episode per week as usual.

    Also be patient about the subtitles, i know its hard to wait believe me I LOVE THIS DRAMA, but please be more considerate. Thankssss x.

  4. Where is ep10? please upload is today
    Why is this drama so unregulated with uploading new episode
    This drama is so good that I can’t even wait for too long

  5. I wish I could easily forget things like that but unfortunately the only things I can forget is school stuff

  6. Anchornim actor acted in maid, and his role there gave me a very great impact…i cry for him. N when hes happy, me too can feel him, such an actor

  7. This drama looks promising! I wanna give hug to the anchor-nim, he seems so much in pain all this time. Imagine if u could remember every single damn thing in your life. I’m glad that I easily forget things haha

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