Five Kings of Thieves (2024)

Five Kings of Thieves (2024)

Other name: 五行世家 / 五大贼王 / Wu Xing Shi Jia / Wu Da Zei Wang / The Family of the Five Elements / Five Great Thieves

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“Huo Xiao Xie, an orphan living in the chaotic market of early Republic of China, is drawn into a treacherous world. To protect those around him and fight against evil forces, he faces death multiple times. Eventually, his resilience and cunning lead him to become a legend of vitality and light, using his wits and the resources of the market to protect the innocent.
Amidst the chaos, a mysterious treasure known as the “five elements holy kings” emerges, coveted by warlords and revolutionaries alike. The Central Plains martial arts, led by the Five Elements family, join forces with progressive students in a campaign to protect this national treasure and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
But when the Japanese Black Dragon Association steals the treasure, Huo Xiao Xie finds himself unwittingly caught up in the dangerous pursuit. Overcoming numerous challenges and dangers, he uses his kindness, justice, and cleverness to protect the treasure and ultimately unite the Five Elements



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