Fry Me to the Moon (2024)

Fry Me to the Moon (2024)

Other name: 今天的她们 / 今天的她們 / Jin Tian De Ta Men / Today’s Them / Trio in Chengdu / ни сегодня

Synopsis: “Three women in Chengdu come together amidst life’s challenges and stand united against the routine. Lu Zhenzhen, a career-driven woman, returns to her hometown and joins forces with Gu Man Ting, who is unhappy in her early marriage, to start a business called “Chuanbailou.” Their plans are disrupted by the arrival of Liang Qing Ran, a catering entrepreneur, and the crisis at Chuanbailou brings the three women closer. As they navigate the trials of love, career, and personal beliefs, they must make difficult choices in the bustling city of Chengdu. The drama spans 24 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes each, airing every day of the week.”



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