Goodbye Earth (2024)

Goodbye Earth (2024)

Other name: 종말의 바보 / 末日愚者 / 終末のフール / Jongmalui Babo / The Fool of the End / The Fool at the End of the World / Adiós, Tierra / Прощай, Земля

Synopsis: In the midst of chaos and confusion, a devastating news rocks the world – an asteroid is set to collide with Earth and wipe out all life in just 200 days. Jin Se Kyung, a middle-school teacher in Woongchun City, decides to leave her job and dedicate her remaining time to volunteer work at a child and youth division in city hall. She is determined to save as many children as possible, even as her longtime boyfriend, Ha Yoon Sang, rushes back from his job as a researcher in the US to be with her. Meanwhile, Woo Sung Jae, an assistant priest at a Catholic Church, steps up to take care of the parishioners after the presiding priest flees. Kang In A, a commander of a combat support battalion, works tirelessly to provide supplies, transportation, and security in the devastated city. As the world races against time, these individuals must navigate their own personal struggles and relationships in the face of impending doom. Adapted from the novel



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