High Cookie (2023)

High Cookie (2023)

Other name: 하이쿠키 / 하이 쿠키 / Haikuki / Hai Kuki / Hi Cookie / Привет, печенька

Synopsis: Choi Soo Young, a young woman who has been taking care of her younger sister since their parents died in an accident, takes a series of odd jobs to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Seo Ho Su is a student at an elite high school, struggling to overcome his difficult home life. Yoo Seong Pil, an underground college admissions consultant, enters the school and begins to reveal his true intentions. When Soo Young’s sister gets into trouble due to a cookie that can make wishes come true with just one bite, she risks everything to protect her. Thus, Soo Young, Ho Su, and Seong Pil are thrust into a dangerous adventure in which they must escape the quicksand-like consequences of the cookie’s power.



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