It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 3

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56 Comments to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 3

  1. Yess duhh just leave if you don’t like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Why the hell are you spreading hate when nobody has forced you to watch it?

  2. This drama is just great, man. Idk wht these weirdos doing here. If u don’t like then leave. Don’t make a mess here as if someone is forcing u to watch. Plus these ppl said it’s unrealistic and doesn’t make any sense. If it is,then what the heck does being around an ill older brother mean?

  3. What the fuck is this??
    why is it that, the male protagonist always chase the female protagonist. Why is it that the male protagonist is always the first to fall madly in love with female protagonist and chases her every time …This shid gotta be stop in k-drama

    1. That’s why they are called male and female protagonists because they are meant to fall in love with each other… it is just a basic though whether That’s korean drama or American..

    2. i’m sorry but are we watching the same drama?
      it’s true that in the most cases it’s like this, but in this one the FL seems to like him. I mean… look at the next episodes. He’s the one who’s rejecting her.

    1. please if you don’t want this type of drama please feel free to leave we don’t need you here, and also please raise your standards :))

    2. if u don’t like carry ur fat ass out of this page cuz we don’t need u spoiling this page with freakin useless comments that’s if they deserve to be called that

    3. Get lost you idiot, don’t just say this shit just because you didn’t like this drama what if i said hotel de luna is boring and stuffs how would you feel!….think before you write any shitty stuffs!!!

  4. The scenes where she touched his body and grinned at the nurses were so kyeopta, and when she growled back at the deer was so hilarious ???

  5. In my opinion this drama is the best drama of 2020 so far. It’s not the typical love story but it has its flaws which makes it unique and interesting. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episodes. Love from Indiaโค

  6. The best drama…love love it??…love the girl …her character was awesome…best suited to her….and I was amazed by that guy again and again…he’s the best so far…I’m glad he got the good drama again???..loving it… download it fast episode please…can’t sleep waiting ????

  7. This drama is really promising. It’s the type of drama I always love just like the drama of jo in sung “It’s okay that’s love.” It focus on different mental illness. Love it!

    1. I thought iam the only one , this drama makes me get exited so far ,but it’s okay it’s love is of the best kdrama ive ever watch ,and this drama is the second

  8. The girl was too good at her character. I like their chemistry. I’m looking forward for the next episode.

  9. This drama is getting better and better i’m loving it <3 he have to loosen up a little, he takes everything on his shoulders and never let himself go wild and free, he feels that he have to be the responsible one all the time doesn't understand that his never going to be happy like that. By far this is one of the best drama that iv'e seen so far this year <3 . Can't wait to see them being all lovey dovey ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  10. Siblings relationship is heartwarming, I mean what they have is only each other. The fact that KaeTang is mentally challenged, he’s feeling responsible somehow as an older brother.
    I’m lovin this drama as it slowly unfolds….still fall for KSH charm & glad that he got this drama that really suited for him!

  11. The sibling relationship really is touching! I mean, what they have is just each other!! The fact that Kae Tang is mentally challenged, but he’s still got this responsibity as eldest!.
    This drama is my only binge watch on weekends and I’m lovin it.

  12. AAAWHHHHHHHH, the comments are in. I didn’t know what happen but it just appear now. Thank you so much! I can finally enjoy it again. More power to you guys!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I was really excited for the Ep 3, but got busted because there was no English subtitles unlike the previous times whenever I look for a new Ep of every series I followed. When will it get subs?

  14. Today episode has been released ..why dramacool9 has not given yet ..I am waiting please release episode 3 of IOTNBO on your site .

  15. This drama is getting better and better, can’t wait for next week.
    I really love Moon-Youngs character, people might see her as a bad and rude person but she is hurt inside like everyone else, she is just looking for someone to lean on. Kang-Tae is such an amazing brother, he would do anything for him it’s so precious.Moon-Young is now folowing Kang-Tae just like he did when they were kids.

  16. When will you upload ep 3 please? i’m so excited!! Some of my favorite actors in a drama with a genre that I love! I have such high hopes for this!

  17. Watched 2 episodes, and i’m loving it. My first in a while Kdrama that i don’t need ff button to press. The FL is so stunning to watch. Her make up and deep sexy voice, fit her character. Can’t wait for next episodes.

  18. The best thing so far is the relationship between the two brothers , Oh sung jae is gonna snatch some awards in the next award season for sure

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