Joseon Attorney: A Morality (2023)

Joseon Attorney: A Morality (2023)

The story follows the journey of Kang Han Su, a shrewd lawyer who manipulates his clients’ emotions to win lawsuits for his personal gain. Despite his deceitful ways, he gains a reputation as a hero among the common people. As he continues down this path, he begins to see the errors of his ways and matures into a just and fair lawyer. One of his clients, Yi Yun Ju, hires him to seek revenge through the legal system.

Also known as: 조선변호사 Joseonbyeonhosa/ Joseon Lawyer

Airs: Mar 31, 2023 – May 20, 2023



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One Comment to “Joseon Attorney: A Morality (2023)”

  1. Whatta comeback WDH….was well worth the wait….never ever disappoints even in cameos let alone ML…waiting for more….<3<3<3