King the Land (2023)

King the Land (2023)

Goo Won is a chaebol heir who who cannot stand fake smiles. He meets Cheon Sa Rang and is drawn to Cheon Sa Rang’s genuine smile. The two seek to create moments of happiness where they can genuinely smile at each other.

The King of the Land is a luxurious business lounge owned by The King Group, which includes hotels, distribution companies, and an airline. Goo Won is embroiled in an inheritance battle, despite his exceptional intelligence, grace, and charm, he lacks common sense in dating.

Cheon Sa Rang secures a job at the King Hotel, where she had cherished childhood memories. She must quickly mature to face workplace prejudices and misunderstandings. Nonetheless, her smile illuminates the world, and she is excited to bring happiness to others.

Also known as: 킹더랜드 Kingdeolaendeu



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45 Comments to “King the Land (2023)

    1. It’s out later today. But only 13 today and 14 tomorrow. You have to wait until next week for the rest.

    1. I like that they’re experimenting with diversity. They’ll make mistakes at first but I don’t think anything was offensive with the Arabic prince. He was funny and had so much presence!

  1. Iloveit no comparison every kdrama has its own way of entertainment nd attracting iloveit tysm drama cool tysm to the leads

  2. Not to be a hater. But business proposal is way better. The male lead was more adorable, respectable and gave the female lead her space. The male lead in King the land becomes obsessed with her only after a few intercations. He starts text bombing her and following her around asking why she didnt reply to his texts. Was it right for him to check her personnel ecords for her number so he could text her on personal matters? He probably should have asked her for her number and asked her permission to start texting her. In real life it would be very creepy if you found yourself in such a situation with your boss.

    1. I agree with you, but it’s always like that in Asian dramas unfortunately, as ML is handsome some unacceptable behaviors are romanticized and played as cute, but the same behaviors if they were done by an ugly and fat man would be seen differently

    2. I feel you. I was also not particularly fond of the male lead. This sort of stuff shouldn’t be romanticized and I almost dropped the drama. However, I do think the drama is quite humorous and I really want to see him shit on his annoying older sister and take over the company so I’m going to stick with it. I think the big thing is to just be able to identify reality vs fantasy which I guess a lot of people aren’t great at doing. As long as you don’t think this behavior should fly IRL then there’s nothing wrong with watching the drama. Unfortunately some people can’t and these kind of dramas end up romanticizing it for them so I have mixed feelings.

    3. I get you, but I low key think that the fact that he skips the denial phase is a unique plot. I’m excited to see what happens in further episodes tho 🙂

  3. This movie is so amazing also
    ep 7 will realese on 8/07/2023 at night and ep 9 on 9/07/202
    please be PATIENTS GUYS see u soon

  4. The chemistry between Gu Won and SaRang is on the rise with each new interaction. Not the least their latest Allure Korea photoshoot sets hearts on fire! Can’t wait for episode 3 and 4 where they finally get alone time. Yesss!

      1. it airs on every saturday and sunday 6:30 pm for Pakistan idk about Korea or other countries so you can convert time like 6:30 pkt to (your time)