Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)


A fantasy medical drama that revolves around a grim reaper named Kkok Doo and a female doctor named Han Gye Chul.

Kkok Doo (Kim Jung Hyun) once incurred the wrath of God and was turned into a grim reaper as punishment. As a reaper, he is cold, cruel, and his job is to guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Every 99 years, Kkok Du gets a kind of “vacation” for 49 days in the mortal realm. He prefers to use the time allotted to him by killing people who, in his opinion, deserve punishment. This time, he winds up inhabiting the body of the human Do Jin Woo.

Han Kye-chul ( Im Soo-hyang ) works as a visiting doctor. Because she graduated from a lowest-ranking medical school in the country, she is intimidated by people who look down on her diploma. Gye-chul’s mother died when she was a child, and now she only has a younger brother and no one to really care for her. When Do Jin Woo appears in front of Kye Chul, he is the first person in her life to take her side, and the girl’s life changes drastically.

Airs from 27.01.2023 on Fridays and Saturdays at 21:50

Also known as: 꼭두의 계절 Kkogduui Gyejeol The Season of Kkok Du


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Jan 27, 2023

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

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63 Comments to “Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)

  1. This drama didn’t do much for me

    *Spoiler alert*

    I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this going in, but having seen it it gave major “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” vibes but honestly, this drama didn’t do much for me. Let me start by saying I didn’t like Kokdu. He is a toxic character. He’s selfish, manipulative, and emotionally abusive. I know it was supposed to be á la “Boys show girls they like them by teasing and making fun of them” but I don’t believe he cared about her until the end. He cared about Seol Hee and even though he knew Han Gye-Jeol only shares the face of her and not her memories, he still looked for Seol Hee in her not really trying to get to know who was actually in front of him. I also noticed the gender roles in this drama. It wasn’t selfish when he chose to insert himself into her life just to use her to get what he wanted. And not to mention he was willing to make her fall in love with him knowing she would be the one to kill him and also knowing she would be all alone in her grief AGAIN. But when Han Gye-Jeol actually fell in love with him and couldn’t leave him, then she was the one being selfish. I hated how he always made everything about himself and gaslit her every time she got upset over how he treated her. Every time Han Gye-Jeol shared her thoughts or her feelings it always ended up being about him and how he had suffered more. And while it was supposed to be just the way his character was, I didn’t find it funny. He only started to change when his time ran out, but I did see character development for him. I honestly didn’t think he would be Kokdu for the entire series. I mean, what was the point of Do Jin-Woo at all when we didn’t get to know him? He came back for like a few episodes but he had changed then. Become greedy and desperate to live. Before that, he seemed like a decent person, and I actually think I would’ve liked him better with Han Gye-Jeol than Kokdu. When Kokdu realized that she could bring back people from the dead he should’ve told her and let her call back her mom, even just for an episode, for her to get proper closure. But he didn’t and that also just goes to show that he didn’t even try to get to know her because then he would have known how much that would have meant to her. However, I will say that he did honor her mom’s wish and I really appreciate and respect him for that. On the other hand, I really loved Han Cheol and Tae Jung-Won together. They truly cared about each other, they were respectful and attentive to each other’s needs, also their emotional needs. In the end, both couples got happy endings and it was nice to see Jae Jung-Won and Han Gye-Jeol allowing themselves to be happy despite their trauma. I do think that Jae Jung-Won and Han Gye-Jeol can make up and become friends again. But I don’t buy for a minute that Han Gye-Jeol didn’t introduce her brother to her or at least shared his name while they were friends, but I’ll let it slide.

    After all the talk about Han Gye-Jeol hating sad endings, I had thought that it obviously would have a happy ending to accommodate that, but for the last couple of episodes that hope grew slim. In the end, all loose ends were tied and we got closure for all the characters, and although it all happened in the last episode, Kokdu came back and they were able to stay together, though as a human and as a God, but indeed giving this drama a happy ending.

    Rating: 6/10.

  2. Thank you dramacool for uploading episode 14 I’m curious about the story if the ending is happy or sad but I want main character will both happy Ending 😘😘😘

  3. Episode 14 please I’m avid fan of this drama why did not upload episode 14 please upload episode 14 I’m really waiting for episode 14 dramacool please upload episode 14 thank you in advanced.

  4. if you don’t like the actress you should try watching Graceful Family, she’s the lead actress too and she’s soooo cool there. you will love her character.

  5. Plot predictable, made of different parts of well known dramas like Goblin. I can not see an individual, complete story. Dialogs are poor and not interesting (fighting, reconciling and again and again), neither natural nor logic. Acting, decorations also not good. I do not feel like I can sympathize either lead or supporting actors. That’s why I do not recommend this drama.

    1. I agree with you. I had to skip some parts… It’s was too predictable and unnatural… The court lady and chef hooked me on and cop and the second female lead also gave it the juice. But the story not so much. They are both wonderful actors especially the female lead, but the story line is not just it for me.

  6. I really admire the actress if you have any problem with her looks jxt keep it to yourself we all don’t care what you think that’s why you can never be the director

  7. From these comments, they dont teach ethics or philosophy classes in Korea, going by the Korean commentors nor teach about natural rights. Ireally dont know where the stereotype abot asians being super smart came from.

    1. I think you’re just looking for attention. You probably would have received just as much if you were nice and didn’t comment on all the posts just to make your opinion known.To be honest, your opinion only convinces us how disturbed you are and your opinion about the actress becomes irrelevant




    1. No everyone has a the right to speach and their opinion. She shoulnt have gotten the surgery or gotten into acting if she didnt want o get criticised for a major thing about actors, looks. Your an authoritarian for trying to stop people from speaking and in the wrong here.

      1. I get that everyone has the right to speech and expression but that does not allow you to criticize anyone . It’s her body and her face . As you mentioned ” major thing about actors are their looks ” I would like to disagree with you , it’s not their looks that ” majorly ” matter , its their acting skills . Its actually embarrassing so stop being ignorant and you are the one in wrong here.

      2. That’s not how it works. Someone’s looks aren’t to serve or entertain you. She got into acting for the ACTING. It’s all her body, she can do as she pleases and it still doesn’t give you the right to judge and comment on her. Freedom of speech has consequences, keep at it and you’ll find out.

  9. I don’t care about her face if full of plastic surgery I care about her acting I like soo young she is very good actress Romantic comedy drama is my favourite I like soo young as an actress ok to those who don’t like soo young please don’t watch this drama period no one force you to watch if you don’t like.

  10. Did she murder someone.. She did the surgery to her face her goddamn face.. Not anyone face.. Did she bully.. Did she curse.. So why so serious of her face that she did the surgery to not anyone face..

      1. Get over yourself she just had surgery not a big deal some of you commenting would do the same if you had money so piss off you judgemental whores.

  11. for real if they dont want to watch it just shut up and go why do they even need to comment saying that is their opinion

        1. Seems like your getting paid for replying oh wait your not coz nobody give a S***
          Someone might think they used all the common decency to keep quiet . Thank you

  12. I agree with S,on does not criticize the surgery but the casting. She can’t act in historical dramas. you are just happy to see a new romance and the details are not important to you. ps: retarded and crazy? stay civil thank you

  13. Brilliant actor Kim Jung Hyun And Versatile actress Im Soo Hyang can’t wait any more two of their chemistry. How so adorable Kokdu and Han Gye Jeol. Male lead is combination of doctor and grim reaper. Female lead is mysterious doctor. Other casts are also amazing. They have team work. save the date 27/1/2023. ?

  14. Omg she has A LOT OF plastic surgery done on her face. It looks awful and is very distracting. And she is supposed to have lived in a historical time period. Really disappointing.

    1. Some fans so retarded and crazy. Who cares if she has a lot of plastic surgery who doesnt have in korea.
      Give other people a break at least she is leading an honest life. how about you. Happy criticizing people.Get a life ok.

      1. I have every right to state my opinion about the amount of plastic surgery done on her face. Ive watched tons of kdramas so I’m familiar with plastic surgery. For me to comment about this means it’s really over the top. She doesn’t natural at all, and it ruins a good drama since I like to relate to the characters. The storyline looks interesting and I like Kim Jung Hyun, so I’m disappointed over such a loss. It’s so sad that people can’t handle when someone disagrees with them and starts throwing insults. I think you are the one who is a crazy fan lol.

        1. You have absolutely no right to comment on someone’s face. It was her face and it was her damn decision. You can get one too lmao. And no one insulted you. Please stop playing the victim.

          1. Yes they do, and your statement makes you an authoritarian trying to control someones speach.

          1. You have no concept of rights, or freedoms whether natural or government given. I went to public school and i even know what they are freedom of speech which includes yor opionion is a natural right all men have from birth and cant be takend from them by the goverment, just like selfe defense. So your wrong. ShamE on YA!

          2. the fact that the person who commented doesn’t know what freedom of speech is, is insane. Imagine thinking freedom of speech absolves you of consequences. Judgment isn’t freedom of speech, it getting a fist to the face.

        2. no you don’t have any right to say anything about the amount of plastics anyone has done to their face lmao wth💀

        3. They are actors tell us some stories if you don’t like don’t see it. The comments has to be positives .please respect their private life. like yours like us . Respect.please.

          1. No, no, and no. I dont actually have to do any of that. They put themselves in the light we have a right to criticise all we want.

        4. You have no right to share your opinions because no one asked to hear it!
          Who are you to judge someone? Huh? What made you special? She’s working hard and living luxury while You’re stuck in your bed and judging her.
          And she looks natural you’re the one with shit mind commenting here
          Just shut up

          1. Yes they do, its a natural right freedom of speach. Thishows you have an iq of like 90. They can state an opinion withot needing someone asking for it its common sense. Why does everyone in these comments sound like they dind even have a single middle or highschool ethics or philosphy class.

    2. Just because she was in “My name is Gangnam beauty” doesn’t mean that that story is real….I’m pretty sure you’re commenting this for ATTENTION…😂😂😂😂

    3. Why do you care?
      Mind your own business stop watching it then no one asked for your opinion.
      You’re shit for your words watch what you say and get fucking out of here

    4. i think you should go to psychologist. Normal and balanced people couldn’t wrote such a distasteful opinion about another human being.

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