Love All Play (2022) Episode 8

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13 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 8

  1. Yeah I think this too that they’ll fix their friendship again.
    But I don’t think that junghwan will be end up with his ex.
    I think he’ll end up with the short hair girl. ?

  2. I feel like junyoung and fl might get along in the end.
    I really wanted the junyoung and Junghwan to end together but I don’t think they are. Also I feel jungyoung has a reason to be upset, I understand how she feels. the fl and jungyoung just need Time to talk it out. It’s not like the fl did it on purpose.

  3. The parents is not supportive toword park taejan even tho they are traumatized they shouldn’t do this to him. He doesn’t deserve this.
    And the coach is so annoying.
    I hope the ex’s get back together

  4. i knew it junyoung? i really hope she won’t give them a hard time to the point it’ll make my blood boil LOL and I hope they get along together in the end..