Love Sea (2024) Episode 1

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13 Comments to “Love Sea (2024) Episode 1

  1. That good stuff feast discussion about 🐚 or 🍌made me think of geoduck (clam which looks like elephant trunk) πŸ€­πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    Mut was so irritating, purposely speaking in southern dialect when Rak repeatedly told him that he didn’t understand him. But Rak was arrogantly rude the moment they met, so πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Anyway, I found it too abrupt that Rak suddenly decided to seduce Mut when he commented on his fair skin πŸ˜… and Mut kissed Rak on the boat just to calm him down 😏

  2. So 22 minutes in and we have RED FLAGS!! Gosh So SOON TOO……Shakes head……….
    Everything else in this episode was good so far..NOT sure I saw the WHOLE 54 minutes though…..there arent enough comments here to see IF this episode played right or not……

  3. So glad our boys FortPeat are back! Rak is such a sassy, arrogant man but immediately started crying when he thought harm came to his human punching bag. I hate you but I don’t want you to die. Meanwhile, Mut was trying to be respectful but also stand his ground the whole time. Back home, Mook is being put through it with the sister whom I’m thinking is actually doing all of this bc she has a crush on Mook. Only time will tell & I can’t wait to see it all go down!

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, FortPeat. Missed the two. I already love this series. “I hate you but I don’t want you to die,” like come on you guys are already smitten. And my girl Mook😭 I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope this series goes well cause currently I’m watching this series, we are, only boo, my love mix up and wandee goodday. Damn GMMTV really has decided to throw them all at us, but hey who’s complaining πŸ˜‹

  5. Well damn, I am happy, turned on and intrigued all at the same time. This episode was wonderful; welcome back FortPeat. The sexual tension is blazing, I had to get my thoughts under control before commenting lol. When Rak was crying and Mut comforted brought me right back to the novel Rak is writing where he said the character could not stand the tears of his significant other and so pulled his slender body into his embrace; this is literally what happened between Mut and Rak. Oh and that kiss to the temple brought all kind of butterflies to one’s belly. This makes me wonder if the novel Rak is writing will end up being about their love story πŸ€”. I will see as the story unfolds and I am looking forward to it!
    The things I want to say but this is a public domain 🫦

  6. From a creator on TT who has read the original story she explained that both characters do whatever they want and they know they can get whomever they want. That is why the big jump into intimacy.

  7. I get that Mut doesn’t like Rak’s arrogance and that’s why he intentionally pretends not to speak central dialect, but its strange that he continues to refuse to do so once Rak knows he understands him… like other than pissing Rak off there is no purpose.

    It’s obvious that they both have an attraction toward each other. I get the feeling Mut liked Rak from the moment he saw the pictures of Rak sleeping (why else would he save them). I also get why Rak randomly tried to seduce Mut… he’s probably used to getting whatever he wants and loves the attention (since Connor said he’s got a lonely heart). Mut playing dumb throughout it was hilarious tho… like come on we know he’s your type (thanks little bro).

    The cuts to Mook and Vi are kind of random… like they kill the flow at this early stage of the show and bloat the runtime so I hope there is a purpose later down the line.

  8. Fort/Peat! YAY! One of my all-time fave bl couples. I just know the NC scene are going to be on fire, lol.. A map led Rak straight to the secret island treasure and he holds the key to the treasure’s lock. Open your heart to Mut, darling Rak.., he’ll give you love if you, you turn the key. You had me at 5,000, lol.. Rak is the luckiest kitty in the world! I hope Palm is part of a second couple. Finally, a bl to look forward to on Sunday! Great first episode! Happy Monday/Week Ahead!

    Feels weird. On my own, once again by myself watching these series… sad, but go out and get your life, bishes! xoxoxox