Midnight Photo Studio (2024)

Midnight Photo Studio (2024)

Other name: 야한사진관 / 야한 (夜限) 사진관 / Yahan Sajingwan / Nightly Photo Studio / Photo Studio Limited In Night / Sexy Photo Studio / Ночная фотостудия

Synopsis: “Ghost Studio” is a drama about Seo Ki Joo, the 7th owner of a photo studio that caters exclusively to ghosts. As a photographer, Ki Joo takes portraits of the spirits that visit his shop. Han Bom, a passionate lawyer who stands against injustice, unexpectedly becomes partners with Ki Joo’s studio. The studio also has two employees: Assistant Manager Go, responsible for bringing in ghost customers, and Baek Nam Gu, in charge of small tasks within the store. With 16 episodes and each lasting 60 minutes, “Ghost Studio” airs every Monday and Tuesday.



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32 Comments to “Midnight Photo Studio (2024)

  1. if you’ve watched Itaewon Class then there’s this second FL who was classmate and first love of the Male Lead Park Seo Joon!

  2. omg it’s been so long since I’ve seen Joo Won in something I forgot all about him, he used to be one of my favs. Excited for this now

  3. The reason why I dropped Itaewon Class after episode 8, coz she’s not the endgame, park Sae roi is falling for Dal mi’s character.

  4. came here after watching that vid where the cast was crying while reading the script…i will be waiting lol

  5. This teaser isn’t brand new but I just realized that at Mark 10, the character of Go Dae Ri (played by Yoo In Soo) comes face to face with a dead zombie who could be the brother of Gwinam (also played by Yoo In Soo) from “All of Us Are Dead”.

    Nicely played, director/writer.

  6. This drama hasn’t been as hyped for as the other k dramas premiering in 2024 or even those airing around March. The cast has amazing actors if they are to be rated individually, however, it all depends on their chemistry or if they’re even able to create that synergy in the first place. It does come down to the script.
    Is it going to fall into the generic trope with a predictable storyline? We do not need another Hotel De Luna….its already out there and was extremely popular.
    Honestly, hope it works out for the cast eg. Han Groo who’s made a comeback after many, many years; Joo Won, who hasn’t had a chef’s kiss comeback post-military; and so on.

  7. its pity and pretty typical of Korean culture, that they gave her a wife role, when she is just 31.

    I know it will take sometime now to come back if she is planning to come back fully and I won’t say marriage was her bad choice but it was her best choice and now she is single that is also her best choice. Lets hope she is loved through this role and get recognition again.

  8. Who is surprised and happy for Han Groo is come back? I know I am because I seriously thought that she won’t come back to acting

  9. Anyone that watched marriage not dating know how insane is her acting in comedy/romance/crying scenes so hopefully this is the start of her big comeback and she was 22 years old only when she did that drama!

  10. The first time I watched that show I went to check on other stuff she had done only to see that she doesn’t have any since 2015. I was so mad but this is a very big surprise to me. I hope she gets other lead offers in the coming days.

  11. they’re the kind of “couple” you wouldn’t expect to get paired up. But when they do, it’s ✨️ immaculate ✨️

  12. My absolute favorite Yoo In Soo plays the character of “Assistant Manager Ko” in this drama. Under normal circumstances, his story would be heart-breaking (he’s dead 😥😥😥) but as always, In Soo is chosen for a reason – his ability to bring humor and controlled chaos to every role he plays.

    I hope it’s on a legal streaming site – otherwise, I might break my “legal only” rule.

  13. One of those drama you immediately go check if there’s a Romance tag, because the ML & FL casting sound like they would be so good together!

    And it has romance tag yes! 😍

    This plot actually sounds really interesting and wouldn’t have needed romance, but with this cast I’m excited about them blending in romance in it too! 😍