More Than Friends (2020)


Due to a misunderstanding, two people have held a crush on each other for 10 years.

Lee Soo  is an attractive man who works as photographer. Kyung Woo Yeon works as a calligrapher. She has had a crush on Lee Soo since she was 18 years old.

Also known as: 친구에서 연인이 되는 경우의 수 Number of Cases to Go From Friends to Lovers The Number Of Times A Friend Becomes A Lover Number of Occasions to Go From Friends to Lovers Number of Times Chances of Going From Friends to Lovers


Status: Completed

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Air Date: Sep 25, 2020

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49 Comments to “More Than Friends (2020)

  1. Okay I read the other comments and tried to relate with the man lead but Omg what kind of toxic selfish person is he and what kind of infuriating girl is She I just hate it and seeing it going in the direction of those to ending up together is just not it even to the girls watching this, this kind of behavior of a guy is in no way normal it is toxic hate it do not recommend I done watching!!!!

    1. 2nd lead has to isolate because he had been near someone who has corona he tested negative but the government rule says he would still have to isolate

  2. When are the other episodes going to be converted to english? I am intersting to see how this movie ends!!! You guys know that these are just characters playing their roles, right? Similarlly, I have seen some extremely beautiful asain women who were vindictive, callous and downright ruthless!! so leave the main character alone. He abviously had challenges communicating how he felt, because of the trauma he experienced with his parents, due to the their dysfunctional relationship.

  3. Have to agree – second male lead is WAY better – cuter, nicer, richer and treats her SO much better. Illness or no, 1st male lead is a jerk. I know that in most Korean dramas that means “stronger, more attractive” but no, in reality it means a lifetime of being treated badly by your jerky husband. No thanks.

  4. Like seriously plus the way he kept dismissing her feelings for him, to think he fell in love with her first…just freaking annoying!!!

  5. The only drama I feel that the second male lead is the better option. The male lead is too much. Personality always trumps looks for me. He needs to step up or step down.

    1. I understand your words but isn’t it better if the male lead first understands his love for female lead?otherwise it will be harmful for both of them…male lead really wants her as a friend but the female lead loves and has already confessed but if he doesn’t love her yet,he should not date her just bcz she likes him ryt? So it doesn’t mean that he is just rude or cold instead he’s considerate of her feelings….just like female lead loves him it is possible for him to see her just as a friend too not all ppl have the same feelings… don’t you think so?

  6. This guy is annoying ( and a jerk ) I’ll be really upset if she choose him.
    I really hope she end with the second male lead.
    Staying with someone who love and respect us is better than running after someone who doesn’t love us.

    1. If the male lead doesn’t like her is it his fault?not all ppl have same feelings and he didn’t even do something like a jerk instead he’s always considerate of her feelings as a close friend ryt?

    2. The sec male lead doesn’t even know her properly how can he love her so easily…the sec male lead loves her for himself he’s selfish..and the male lead has always been there for female lead..he protected her so many times from her classmates bcz they used to bully her…and do you think that the sec male lead will able to protect her the way male lead will be able to? Ofc the male lead likes her but he doesn’t know that yet but he’s taking time and its good bcz why would he date her forcefully ryt? He’s own family and life is so messed up right now so we should also understand his situation don’t you think?

    3. I hope she will end with the male lead, they deserve each other…both of them are selfish and don´t care about hurting someone else. The second male lead deserve someone better than her hahaha.

      Kim Dong Jun sé libre!!

  7. This push and pull he does is borderline (if not outright) abusive. I hope she teaches him a lesson about manipulating someone’s emotions.

      1. Like how he continue to dismiss her feelings for him,considering he fell in love with her first,just freaking annoying!!
        PS: i also prefer the second lead..

    1. I don’t think he’s push and pulling..he just wants her as a friend …he didn’t manipulate her even once just bcz female lead likes him doesnt mean that he also has to like her…just as she likes her and has already confessed to him its kinda embarrassing for him too but still he wants her to stay there as a friend and the male lead obviously likes her he just needs time to know his feelings because his own family is messed up right now so its a bit tough for him too but he never manipulated her

  8. wait tonight 3rd episode will be aired (maybe — 9 Oct 2020). Love this drama as story line is very convincing and make me smiles a lot too

  9. Where is ep3? I couldn’t find anywhere. I’ve been waiting since last friday. Its such a pain in ass to wait for you to upload. Please upload ep3 n ep4.

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