My Liberation Notes (2022)


The story of three siblings and a mysterious stranger who wants to escape their frustrating lives.

Set in Sanpo Village, a place where usually the influx of people leaving is higher than the ones moving in. There lives the three Yeom siblings, Chang Hee, Mi Jung, and Ki Jung who all want to escape from a life that is clogged up with ‘no answer’.

One day, a mysterious man named Mr. Goo suddenly moves into their neighborhood. He is a drunkard, degenerate, and looks like he has many burdens and secrets. His cautious personality and preference to remain in his own business, made him the talk of the town, leading even the timid Mi Jung, the youngest child of the three siblings, to approach him.

Original Network: jTBC;

Director: Kim Seok Yoon [김석윤]

Also known as: 나의 해방일지 Naui Haebangilji Naeui Haebangilji My Liberation Days My Liberation Journal My Liberation Diary


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Apr 09, 2022

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

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21 Comments to “My Liberation Notes (2022)

  1. I like this one!

    I was convinced to watch this after reading quite a few of the comments here. This drama is a comforting, slow paced slice-of-life drama where all siblings seem to wander aimlessly in life without any passions or plans for the future and instead live boring and repetitive lives with dead-end jobs. This drama revolves around how the three siblings handle feeling disposable in aspects of their lives while simultaneously navigating some kind of existential dread, societal pressure, doubts and insecurities while wanting to live their lives separately without relying on each other. You get to go into each of the siblings state of mind and you learn their flaws, what’s most important to them, their insecurities and you hear their darkest thoughts which makes this drama relatable. The true beauty of slice-of-life dramas is that it finds a way to portray everyday life in a way that allows connection between what the characters and the viewers experience through relatability and vulnerability while still remaining truthful without glamorizing life. In this case this drama makes a beautiful attempt to normalize not knowing what you want out of life but just that you have to find a way to make it meaningful for you.

    This drama takes on topics like self-love, debt, dead-end jobs, dread, marriage, loss, hopelessness, relationships and loneliness just to name a few.

    This drama had a happy ending and loose ends were tied nicely.

    Rating: 7/10

  2. As an introvert person I really appreciate this drama.
    This series is so underrated.
    One of the best series of 2022

  3. BEST drama I have seen this year. The story is a mix of credible, raw, delicate, and pure. Sometimes, with very little talking, it takes you exactly where they want you to be, in order to see something differently, from another angle. Avoiding too many cliches, the characters are unique and faithful to their personalities and life choices. Each one is so intense and vivid, that it is impossible not to see the familiar and the strange, the endearing, and even the slightly scary sides of them.
    Amazingly interpreted by all the actors! The 2 sisters and brother are perfect, – best ever I have seen them! (I was pleasantly surprised by Lee Min Ki’s acting. He is absolutely great as the optimistic and good-hearted brother.) Mr. Gu is perfect too (how can you make people fall in love with such a “controversial” character, speaking less than 100 lines throughout the 16 episodes? Just kidding. Might have got to 200! :). The friends are perfect, the older sister’s boyfriend is perfect. Just great acting and directing.
    In my opinion, this series is a work of art, from the storyline to the photography, the directing, acting, everything. It takes the mundane, common, sometimes even ugly day-to-day life, and turns it into very subtle poetry. With added bonus of little nuggets of wisdom thrown carelessly here and there.
    Unpretentious, beautiful and strangely fulfilling. But I did not binge-watched it. Instead, I took my time watching a few episodes at a time, to fully appreciate it but also maybe being afraid that the next episode would “ruin” all the good stuff to that point. It never did! It was constantly good from beginning to end. Highly recommend it! And if there is a second season, I won’t miss it for the world!

  4. worth watching. The scenes of Mi Jeong and Me. Gu were so calming to watch. Something about their unusual relationship touches the heart.

  5. Something about a “slice of life” drama is that you don’t know what to expect. It’s not like a crime drama that creates suspense and keeps you waiting for the real culprit to be caught, or the main leads in a romance drama to fall in love. It is just plain and simple. In a slice of life drama, You fall in love with the characters and share their journey. That’s what makes it beautiful. That’s what makes this drama beautiful. Once you fall in love with the personality of each of the three siblings, you will come to love it. Liberation notes is being aired at the same time with “Tomorrow”, “Our Blues”, “Its Beautiful Now” and “Again, my life”. They are all great shows, but I think “Liberation notes” is by far my favorite. Those not sure whether to start this drama, just watch up to the third episode. Everything starts getting interesting from there. That’s what worked for me a least.

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