My Lovely Boxer (2023)

My Lovely Boxer (2023)

Kim Tae Young, a calculating sports agent known for exploiting athletes for quick profits, manages gifted players who often suffer burnouts. Among them is Kim Hee Won, an exceptional baseball pitcher who holds a special place in Kim Tae Young’s heart. Amidst this, Kim Tae Young is tasked with coaxing female boxer Lee Kwon Sook out of retirement. Three years earlier, Lee Kwon Sook, having achieved fame as an undefeated elite boxer at 17, abruptly vanished from the scene. To aid Kim Hee Won, Kim Tae Young approaches the now-reclusive Lee Kwon Sook, who has forged a new life outside the boxing ring. Adapted from Choo Jong Nam’s novel “Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk” (순정복서 이권숙).

Episodes: 12

Also known as: 순정복서 순정복서 이권숙 純情拳擊手 纯情拳击手 Sunjeongbokseo Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk / My Lovely Boxer, Kwonsook / Pure Boxer / Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Suk / My Lovely Boxer, Kwon Sook



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Air Date: Aug 21, 2023

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