My Wife’s Double Life (2024) Episode 24

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9 Comments to “My Wife’s Double Life (2024) Episode 24

  1. Lieutenant also means a deputy or substitute acting for a superior, rather than the lowest commissioned officer. Wu Zhao continues his duties for as aide/gofer for Muchen .

  2. The chase scene in the wedding red and them facing each other with the moon in the background was very lovely.

  3. A big round of applause to the New General. Beautiful wedding bestowed unto the couple and well deserved.

  4. I expected

    1) FL to kill the enemy general on the battlefield to avenge Brother Jinning, and

    2) them to give the Yue a taste of their own medicine by transporting the plant to the frontline to burn and let the wind blow the smoke towards the enemy camp to get them high before a final battle,

    but neither of those things happened.

    Oh well, the ending was cute, lighthearted, and fitting anyways.

  5. Hi Admin, pls since morning am not able to download any movie from the sit. Pls fix it for me if it can. Thank u