Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023) Episode 7

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8 Comments to “Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023) Episode 7

  1. My take on some things:

    I feel like Ye ji’s mother might be the cooking teacher. As we have previously learned, Han Yi ju and her mother were said to have had their house on fire and the mother apparently died during. We also know that the cooking chef has a burn scar on one of her arms, which leads me to think she has survived and decided to become close to the elite because of her past. She probably collects the inside info/gossips for her sake to also avenge herself and maybe find her daughter?
    Also the chemistry between her and Ye ju is pretty good and says a lot about how their relationship is going to grow.

    1. you’re so smart I wasn’t even connecting the dots like you were, I def had my suspicions around who she is exactly but not this far! I hope you’re right

    1. I love this drama too, I foresee that stick/cane flying when HYO finds that Yu-ra is pregnant with Yoon’s baby and she is the illegitimate daughter, oh how that mother and daughter is going DOWN. HYO and his poor my foot will start running..he is definitely faking it.