Pit Babe (2023)

Pit Babe (2023)

Other name: พิษเบ๊บ / Pit Babe the Series / Малыш из ямы

Synopsis: Babe, the number 1 racer, is Charlie’s idol. Charlie wants to be just like Babe, but doesn’t have a race car of his own. So he gathers up his courage and approaches Babe to ask to borrow one. For fun, Babe agrees and the two strike an interesting deal.
(Source: BL Critic Twitter)
Adapted from the web novel “Pit Babe” (พิษเบ๊บ) by _alittlebitch (also known as alittlebixth).
Episodes: 14



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5 Comments to “Pit Babe (2023)

  1. I am really disappointed that way die. it wasn’t a happy end after I waited so long to see the feeling between way and Pete just disappointed. after way die, i didn’t finish watch the video.