Semantic Error (2022)


Choo Sang Woo is a student studying at the Faculty of Computer Science. He is the epitome of an inflexible and strict rule-abiding person. In order to get credit for one of his subjects, Sun Woo had to work on a group project with freeloaders who didn’t help him in the slightest with preparing for the assignment. In the end, he removed their names  from the final presentation and reported everything to the professor. But Sang-woo didn’t imagine what consequences he would have to face after that…

Senior student Jang Jae-yong is the real star of the design department. He is talented, handsome and comes from a powerful family. Jae-young was going to study abroad after graduating, but after failing because of Sang-woo’s act, he couldn’t graduate and had to stay for one more year.

At first, Jae Young wanted to explain to Sang Woo the reason for his absence during the preparation of the project and ask him to help persuade the professor to correct the grade. But, after talking for a couple of minutes with the stubborn Sang Woo, who did not regret what happened at all, Jae Yong realized that the misunderstanding between them could not be resolved peacefully. Then Jae Yong began to pursue Sang Woo and pester him in all sorts of ways, bringing real chaos into Sang Woo’s peacefu life. Jang Jae Yong has become a semantic error in in the perfect world of programmer Joo Sang Woo. Will he be able to fix this bug?

Airs from 02/16/2022 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 17:00

Adapted from the web novel “Semantic Error” (시맨틱 에러) by Jeo Soo Ri (저수리).

Also known as: 시맨틱 에러 Simaentig Eleo


Status: Ongoing

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127 Comments to “Semantic Error (2022)

        1. Honestly I feel like way too many people watch bl just for the kissing and intimate scenes. Idk I just find it kind of weird. Ofc It’s just my opinion though

    1. clearly ur not watching the right series then coz this drama’s so cute and entertaining, from watching the relationship unfold to the little moments that hint at them starting to like each other everything is great n there’s not a dull moment while watching them be silly little fellas

      1. Fetishization isn’t a problem. The problem is thinking there should be a kiss scene every few seconds. A relationship isn’t only about kissing or having sex. It’s also about the little things like saying good morning and good night, sharing a bed, engaging in meaningful conversations, shopping, reconnecting at the dinner table, travelling, etc

    2. kisses arent the only thing in the show. the series is entertaining, cute, has a good plot, the actors are great and their chemistry is amazing. maybe you should watch the show again without focusing solely on the kissing/intimate scenes.

  1. THis is literally the best Bl ever. Or shall I say best drama ever?!?!?! The cast is completely perfect and I’m not over them in the show and even in real life lol…Suam Chan are the cutest…
    Also I’m re watching this for the Millionth time so thought I’d leave a comment cuz why not ???

  2. Tharn SA’d type however it wasn’t trying to glamorize it it’s a toxic show but I still love it kinnporsche is a huge red flag(especially vegas) but it’s my favorite bl so-

  3. A lot of thai bl’s do indeed glamorize sexual assault even if they’re ‘cute’ at times. Watch at your own risk, and make sure to not take these scenes as lovemaking or okay in terms of non-fictional lives.

        1. that’s what i thought as well but the manwha contains some suggestive scenes. i’m glad they changed it up in the series

  4. Very surprised Dongkiz Jaecahn decided to have a lead role in this. It is very rare for a kpop idol to starr in a bl kdrama

        1. tinted with you (junhee a.c.e), color rush (hyunjun former member of tbz, HYUK vixx), kissable lips ( Kim Ji Woong ATEEN), behind cut (bum jun 2Z), ocean like me (holland) there is probably more tbh

    1. theory of love, not me, why ru, 100 stars , tharntype 2 sesons, lovely writer, kinnporsche is comming out next month, where your eyes linger

        1. It doesn’t, it shows the power of love , endurance, patience.Tharn takes a lot of abuse from Type,yet he still does his best to care for him until he comes around.Stop demonizing a great series

          1. you can’t be serious.. that was literal sexual assault, i still don’t understand why the bl community has normalized this type of behaviour, sexual assault is a real and very serious thing, let’s not act like it’s okay just because it’s gay people? y’all would excuse any type of behaviour just to see some random grown men fucking, as literal straight women, let’s not romanticize sa when real people go through this and they literally have to live with it for the rest of their life? you’re literally acting like sa is a normal thing.. i just hope you’ll one day understand how fucked up that is, you’re probably a child so you don’t understand the gravity of the situation, just quit defending such heartless creatures.

    2. Kinnporsche
      Even sun
      Cutie pie
      The tuxedo
      Secret crush on you
      My secret love
      Not me
      Plus minus
      Vice versa
      Bad buddy (ig you’ve prob watched this one)
      My engineer
      Lovely writer
      Love mechanics
      Fish upon the sky

  5. Best f**king bl ever!!!!!!!! God, everything was perfect amd chefs kiss but in another level. I loved everything about it. God, i didn’t and i don’t want this to end???. This got me so hooked up. Actors were hot, sexy and handsome asf. Their chemistry was amazing and all in all a 100/100!!!!! LOVED THIS??❤❤❤❤!!

    1. FR, it will be missed !!! We MIGHT have to wait 2 years for a season two of this series bc Seoham enlisted in the military service.

    1. I believe there is only eight, so this is the last episode, since somebody else said the same thing. Maybe there will be a second season..hopefully? Their acting is definitely super amazing together and I’d be happy to see them together even as a side couple in another drama. But for now, let’s have fun watching the last episode together friend! :))

  6. so i read the webtoon…and I was like “let’s wait to watch the live action adaptation when it finished airing”. proceed to open tiktok and my fyp literally Semantic Error….same thing happened with A business proposal

    I N E E D E P I S O D E 7 N O W

  8. Why like this
    All the bl episodes tht im waiting for since days have not been uploaded.
    No you’re my sky ep 9 and no semantic error ep 7

    Pleaseeeee dramacool
    Have mercy on us and upload the episodes with eng subs
    We are all pleading u ??

    1. most bl shows only have 8 episodes and this show has episodes every Wednesday and Thursday please stop begging and research first

  9. i’m here again wht still not damnnn u fk i’m dying now aaaaaa okay i don’t want it i’ll watch it on tiktok mm i dont need really no need

    1. For someone like you who cannot pay for streaming apps and rely on sites like these.. you’re attitude is beyond stupid. They are doing their best to provide us these for free. You know they are uploading as soon as they get a good quality source.. can’t you just be patient you potato?

    2. Stop spamming the comments. It’s annoying and degrading the uploaders who so kindly post here for us don’t deserve your all caps yelling and you cursing them out. You said you got exams but you’re still acting this childish at your big age? Stop.

  10. what stil not ep 7? whyyyyyy i was waiting like crazy bro i hve exms next week i;m here to keep calm myself bcz of the stress i think now i got more stressed bcz they are not uploading my fv drama can;t you guys upload it??? why

    1. Calm down the episode is literally everywhere, just go on dailymotion already instead of calling names and post death threat you dumbass!

  11. Im ready to make an edit and people plz follo me on tikok @fanie_.xo. Thank you! The profile pic is both jaeyoung and sangwoo.??



  12. not sure if this is happening to anybody else but, nothings working. any drama you go to says to “close dev tools and reload” I’ve been reloading the site but it does nothing.

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