Start-Up (2020)


Seo Dal Mi is a chaebol who wants to be independent and start her own company. Seo Dal Mi does multiple jobs and also chooses to drop out of her studies. She hopes to one day be like Steve Jobs.

Nam Do San is the owner of a tech company. He is an ace mathematician. But his company is not able to generate profits. He meets Seo Dal Mi and his fortune changes.

Also known as: 샌드박스 Saendeubakseu Sandbox Startup


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Oct 17, 2020

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Starring: , , ,

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90 Comments to “Start-Up (2020)

  1. Honestly this drama is 7.5/10 at best. The acting is good, but the story is messy. It’s always about Dosan, I find him really annoying in some episodes as well. Like give Ji-pyeong a chance with Dalmi, because he’s the one who actually wrote the letters. I’ll probably never forgive how this drama ended, unless they make a season 2. Which probably won’t happen at this point I’m leaving this comment.

    1. Thing is Ji-pyeong character only wrote the letters only out of pity & gratitude to granma whi took him in for a while, he actually started infatuating on her only after seeing her as a grown-up and then stepped in out of gratitude only after a request from granma again.unlike do-san character who (nicknamed as Living Buddha in his circle) empathized & connected enough to step-in just by reading letters. Even if something kindled between dalmi & ji-pyeong it wouldn’t have lasted is what i personally feel as ji-pyeong is the polar opposite of what dalmi looks for.

      both dalmi & ji-pyeong would be better off starting fresh with someone new and which is what the story-teller went for & succeded..

      Here i am realizing WTF why am even writing this.

  2. This is the biggest flop story ,first you emotionaly attached with orphan boy and then in last girl is with another, and kissing kissing with samsun tech ceo ,i hate him so much ,orphan boy and grandma they were so sweet but between them, a mad person snatched girl from him

  3. It is a good drama. 9/10 rate for me. I love the male lead and I don’t know the 2nd leading man, so Im fine with them. hahaha
    If you have good skill like DOsan, go for it.

  4. so true about what you said….i was wondering if i am the only person feeling this way.i really hope she end ups with joo hyuk .their acting skills are amazing but still ..i think we just landed in a second lead syndrome haha

  5. I am soooo frustraded with this drama. The actors are good. But the storyline…I was hoping the story would develop in a way she would fall and end up with Ji Pyung. She with Do San don’t please me at all, and I was wondering why since Do San is a good boy. But that is it. He is a good BOY (emotionaly). And I really don’t like the idea of women being like a “mom” to their romantic partners, I just can’t symphatize. Do San would be good with a GIRL, that would grow together emotionaly with him. Dal Mi, its a WOMAN, she is decided, she resolves her own problems, she is a WOMAN… Do San its a boy. They are in different pages, and if it was about real life, they would really hurt each other. Do San would be the most harmed, would always end up insecure, trying hard to please (as he is doing already), warn out… and plus…with someone resolving his problems for him, never in fact growing up to be the MAN he could be. And Ji Pyung is a MAN. But the story it’s totaly forcing Dal Mi e Do San relationship with a completely idealized vision. And at this point I know that she will end up with Do San. Nothing against the actors, they are all great. Joo Hyuk is doing a amazing, really amazing job portraying Do San. The characters and the storyline that just took a bad direction.

    1. So true, I thimk exactly the same. Really hate the male lead character, and all the love story forcing them to be together when is absurd and stupid. I never had this feeling bfore, my first time liking more the second lead, but i mean he is the mature and emotionally ready, the one that is the right and best option. Usually I dont even like the fact that is all about first love, but this time they should end up together.

  6. Episode 11 is not the right one because it’s from another drama and not Start-up (2020).
    They have uploaded the wrong thing.

  7. Whatever happens I’m still team “good boy”
    most of the viewers and comments
    are #teamhanjipyeong❤️❤️❤️ me too???

  8. rating this drama 9.6/10
    ! life lesson
    ! very funny (’cause some drama is stated to be comedy genre but not actually funny)

    #TeamSEOHO here tho i know his the second male lead T__T

  9. Matagal pa po ba release ng 9,10,11 and so on?☺️
    Para sa iba jan nagtatanong lang ako ok?? marunong din akong maghintay

  10. nam joo hyuk is amazing!! I feel his character is going to grow a lot. and I definitely feel dosan and dal-mi has an amazing chemistry.

    1. I really don’t feel the chemistry between her and Do San. She is like a older sister to him. And it is like she wants to like him in retribution, to reconize him…or because he so good to her, but the right feeling…atraction… isn’t there.

  11. looking forward a twist in the story were “good boy” should deserve for what he had done for inspiring Dal Mi. Writers should broaden the story of love.

  12. were looking forward for a twist in the story. “good boy” should deserve all the efforts he had for inspiring Dal Mi

  13. I though Dal-mi and Mr. Han are couple because they are perfect in each other.:(
    – I’m a big fan in bae Suzy and Nam Joo- hyuk but they are not perfect in each other I hope you understand me:)

  14. Omg such i good serie, i didn’t know this page existed and so far so good, very happy and also with the translation its incredible

  15. Waiting others episodes
    Please hurry upLooking forward to seeing other episodes of the day as soon as possible

  16. Next episode please… OMG I can’t wait. Nam Joo Hyeok , Kim Seon Ho this two leading actor and actress is my Fab.
    im feel like im goiing crazy waiting for the next episode.

  17. Omg! been waiting for this drama. Its my dream team up of Suzy Bae & Nam Joohyuk. Reall so excited for this upcoming drama, StartUp!!

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