The Love in Your Eyes (2022) Episode 40

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2 Comments to “The Love in Your Eyes (2022) Episode 40

  1. In Episode 39, Eun Jin played the sister of Eun Ho by drawing him away from Kwyun Jun & Yeong Yi. Eun Ji was correct by telling her brother that if Yeong Yi if were to fall for him, he would be confident. So was Se Joon Advise to Hae Mi. Se Joon said the correct thing. It would look unattractive for a woman to be jealous when Kwyung Joon took more attention to Yeong Yi. Yeong Yi got 4 suitors.
    In Ep[sode 40, Kim Mirinae acted well for such a young girl. Kwyung Joon spoke to her in the library without realising that was Yeong Yi’s daughter. I am sure Kwyung Joon would adore her. Kwyung Joon showed affection to Yeong Yi as Yeong Yi mind was poisoned by Hae Mi. Script has been written and acted well.

    1. Yes! This is drama is very well written and acted! I can’t wait until EP 41 when Kyung Jun sees with his own eyes how Hae Mi has been treating Yeong Yi.