The Player 2: Master of Swindlers (2024) Episode 3

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12 Comments to “The Player 2: Master of Swindlers (2024) Episode 3

  1. ok, who has cash just lying on the table in their office and sitting there while have a guest invited as well??? u dun have to be smart or intelligent to know at the first sight that it’s a scam, its just been put there to show u that “yesss, we put it here so u can see”, and that too when that CEO is the desperate one who wants to work with him, if anyone, he should be the one moving around with money to show them that “yess, I have money to work with u”…..????? like seriously???? this is how drug dealers work???

    and they’re shown to be an extra smart team with Fu*king smart team members!!!!

    and dun know if it’ll make sense, but they involve the police and prosecutors way too early and without taking any precautions if someone is tailing them, I mean, their criminal records are deleted in the system, but the people who were scammed by them didn’t delete their memories of them, they’re way too reckless for their own gud….

  2. isn’t the person monitoring Ha ri, the right hand man of the girl???

    and he put the tracker in the 1st van, and he had enough time to take the tracker off and take it to the other van, but he didn’t…..I dun trust this man yet…..

  3. I hope he’ll be able to “Act” when speaking Korean, cz this scene with his half face and English, was horrible, he was like “Reading” the dialogues…..

    he probably concentrated all on speaking English and not acting…..

  4. she was an orphan, and she was bullied, and yet she has a bucket full of makeup and she’s a high schooler…..I mean, doing makeup is fine, but at least make her look believable that she is a high schooler…..perfectly blow dried hair, perfect makeup, pink glossed lips, flushed cheeks, and she’s shown to be bullied by the whole class except that one boy….and it’s not me who is saying it doesn’t go with the character, its the dramas who have shown that people who r bullied and specially the victims of school bullying, aren’t this perfect with their attire and looks…..

  5. It’s clearly visible that this is done by a different screenwriter than the first season. I was into it from episode 1 in season 1 but we are in episode 3 and I still don’t feel that anticipation to watch the next episode. I really hope there’s more to this story and they aren’t just trying cash grab using the success of season 1. Because compare to the 1st season this feels trash.

  6. Except for wanting to see a few people in the scenes their in I’m finding myself not into this second season like I was the first.

  7. Seriously is that how you gonna introduce a drug dealer? Through a politician and she just blurted things just like that? Was the dialogues created by Chat-GPT version 1?

  8. Pause 48:33

    Why does it feel this operation will have a glitch or fail? It’s going too smooth and Ha Ri seemed too confident…wasn’t that CEO Park the one who killed that crypto coin scammer Kang Do Young? or was it another guy?
    Coz if the two are connected, CEO Park knows who Ha Ri and his team because of that right hand guy who pulled that headshot on Kang Do Young.
    I heard Lee Soo Hyuk is the villain here…so he will be the big Boss? That guy who killed the Kang Do Young?

  9. They seem a bit too reckless this time (?). Like it’s going too smoothly and fast. Well until that ending ofc haha.
    I can’t remember season 1 much haha. but 🤔They r meeting the top dogs too fast. Maybe they will take down one by one.

  10. Omo it’s the guy who killed Ah Ryeong!

    I knew that plan was too good to be true…but I was a little confident Ha Ri will always have plan B, C & D…he should be very careful after losing Ah Ryeong like that…I was impressed on how they handled that cryto scheme they did in Thailand… hopefully this scheme will have something surprising for us.

  11. What I dont understand is why they haven’t questioned two random people that asked them to work with them to take down criminals? Like they just accepted and moved in and all.