The Sound of Magic (2022)


The drama tells the story of a schoolgirl Yoon Ai (Choi Sung Eun), who has only a younger sister and the debts of a runaway father, so she has to fight a desperate struggle for survival. Her life changes drastically after she meets the mysterious magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook), who lives in an abandoned amusement park and doesn’t want to grow up.

Adapted from the webtoon “Annarasumanara”.

Airs from 06.05.2022

Also known as: 안나라수마나라 Annalasumanala /Annarasumanara /Sound Of Magic


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 06, 2022

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

The Sound of Magic (2022) trailer

34 Comments to “The Sound of Magic (2022)

  1. Plz upload its been a while cant wait to watch the upcoming episode i check everyday but there are only 6 episode why is this happening

  2. Is this drama is only 6 episode?? Then why it’s saying upcoming?? Is there any other episodes are coming up ??

    I don’t want this to end so early ?? ahhh ji chang wook and In Yeop oppa ? ??

  3. Just the best actors here. You know I really am like the girl in there and while watching this I see myself in that girls place, and yes It makes me so excited and happy, ji chang wook I just love each and every of your dramas.
    Well done ? everyone.

    1. no, this is definitely not something romantic or funny. it’s more of a dark kdrama that talks about different serious topics

  4. There are two handsome actors in this drama hwang in yeop and ji chang wook! ♥️ The female lead is also cute ?

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