Was It Love (2020) Episode 4

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8 Comments to “Was It Love (2020) Episode 4

  1. I definitely don’t understand why NAJ doesn’t know who’s the real father? Did she like do “it” when she was drunk and does not even remember who? ?‍♀️

  2. I just don’t understand why does Noh Ae Jung doesn’t know who’s the real father? It’s not like their faces changed after those 14 years? If for example oh yeon woo is the real father, then wouldn’t she remember him?

  3. Need to wait for nextweek ep.. Cant wait to see them gather together.. Who is hanee real father? I really guess oh dae oh is the father based on this episode where ae young meet ryu jin crying from dae oh house.
    It must be dae oh have something goes on with the girl who will be a cast on their film back then and ryu jin does not tell anything to ae yong and dae oh. Thats why they dont know what exactly happen between them. Each other feel being left by each other. Oh god.. My curiosity getting up.. Cant wait for next ep.

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