Welcome to Samdalri (2023)

Welcome to Samdalri (2023)

Other name: 웰컴투 삼달리 / 歡迎來到三達里 / Welkeomtu Samdalri / Добро пожаловать в Самдалри

Synopsis: Jo Yong Pil and Jo Sam Dal grew up together in Samdalri. After the loss of his mother at a young age, Jo Yong Pil is driven to become a weather forecaster and protect the elders of his hometown, but his ambition earns him a reputation as a stubborn troublemaker. Jo Sam Dal, on the other hand, is determined to leave Samdalri and pursue a career in Seoul. After years of hard work as a fashion photography assistant, she finally makes it to the top, but when her success vanishes in the blink of an eye, she finds herself back in Samdalri. Though once inseparable, the two haven’t been in contact for some time. However, when they reunite, their lifelong affection is reignited. Through this journey, they discover what path they are meant to take in life.



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15 Comments to “Welcome to Samdalri (2023)

  1. this has such an old school kdrama vibes from like 5 years ago. its a nice break from all the recent ones 🙂

  2. Everyone is getting it so convoluted. How Yong Pil is towards Samdal’s mom could have nothing to do with his love for SamDal. It could be bc he loves that woman like his own mom. Seriously peeps. Ther are many ways of loving people.

  3. I’ve seriously sloughed it through ep 13 and can’t gather the energy to watch 14th right away. The older generation’s drama should have really been solved sooner or at least NOT given so much airing time. I’d have rather seen the other two sisters’ stories instead.

    1. idk i think JCW is not THAT good at kissing. although i love him as an actor. He was just awesome in Healer f.e.

      But compare Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah in King the Land at the end of Ep 10. that’s so dedicated ❤️

  4. She is the best in Mr. Queen. Don’t miss that out. The drama that converted me from being her hater in Legend of the Blue Sea to her avid fan.

  5. the show has been a fun watch but i don’t think i’ve seen any drama with as many drinking/drunk scenes in a k-drama like this one, seems like there is one or more an episode.

  6. People are trying so hard to hate on this drama lol. We don’t care. This drama is doing better in ratings in Korea and it’s all that matters. Bye!

  7. People who like ji chang wook to play badass role I think this drama is not for you I found lots people saying why ji chang wook choose this after worst evil.

    I want to say he is too great and talented that’s why he play different type of character in his all drama a truly versatile actor.

    He can’t always play a badass character where he is fighting there is different type of people in this world so as a actor he will also show his different side to viewer’s, simple as that.

  8. I’m so sorry for the sang do , how sad, oh and I really like that boy who likes dolphins, I love the scenes with him.

  9. Laughing at these comments talking about Shin Hae Sun’s bad acting. You never watched any of her drama, have you? I’ve commented this already, her character is supposed to be crazy, hence the whining and overreacting. She’s the crazy one among the sisters.

    Shin Hae Sun changes her acting styles depending on the character she plays. So if you can’t appreciate her acting then go back to your favourite dramas where the FL is so stiff they don’t even try to move some facial muscle. Female leads who are so afraid to look ugly on camera.