Wuju Bakery (2023)

Wuju Bakery (2023)

Other name: 우주 빵집 / 우주빵집 / Uju Bbangjib / Uju Ppangjip / Space Bakery / Wuju’s Bakery / อูจูเบเกอรี่

Synopsis: After facing many obstacles, a small bakery in a charming old town finally reopens its doors. However, during the highly anticipated opening ceremony, a spaceship crash-lands and destroys the bakery. The bakery’s owner and a handsome boss are forced to live together in the chaotic aftermath. Meanwhile, a group of aliens who had been hiding in the city are finally discovered as they search for the crashed spaceship. This drama consists of 8 episodes.



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50 Comments to “Wuju Bakery (2023)

  1. I sincerely hope that when this show comes out, there won’t be an overwhelming influx of negative comments focusing on the age difference between the actors or any other controversial aspects that some individuals tend to fixate on. It is crucial to remember that both actors are consenting adults, and any intimate scenes depicted in the show are not your concern. While it is understandable if you feel uncomfortable and choose not to watch it, I genuinely wish to avoid encountering any derogatory remarks such as “this is sick” or any other disrespectful comments. I remember how people were attacked in the past for merely supporting the actors during the kinnporsche era, even when there was no actual kissing involved.

  2. Reading this genuinely made me imagine Barcode and Jeff hiding under a table sniggering to themselves for pulling off the first international BL fandom prank 😂 I’m so confused why we still know nothing. I’m going to wait til 1st December and if there’s no date by then I’m just going to not look for info til January for my own sanity…

  3. loving how some people are complaining about when the series is coming out like Jeff & Barcode don’t have other things to do, don’t forget that Barcode is in university + working on another series and that Jeff is also just as busy as Barcode is, it takes time to air everything they can’t just sit back and click the damn post button, I get it they keep delaying that post date but jeez let them live there life and handle their own separate business 😭 and if it does come out in December thats an early holiday present of us all so just be patient or just don’t watch the series at all

  4. If only this were a full-blown Thai production this series would have come out last year. I fell in love with Jeff and Code’s portrayal of Kim Chay and want to see them again as CP in their series. Alas, BOC decided to give them the project collaboration with KBL and I am angry about it. KBL companies are still trying to find success with the locals but struggling. It will take more time for KBL to gain commercial support and success, unlike the Thai BL industry. I hope all this rescheduling of the release date and us fans waiting is worth the wait because if not I will be upset. After all, we might not get another Code and Jeff as the main CP series any time soon.

  5. You’re right! It hasn’t aired yet and I can’t tell if the series is good or not. But I simply said that I don’t like this type of series very much, and if I watch it, it is when there are aspects of the story that attract me. So, I said that I don’t have high expectations for the series. For their acting skills part, I said that I think the series is poor for their acting skills, I mean by that, most of the BL Korean series are not that good (If we look at the good and bad BL Korean series that I watched) and based on my viewing and my purely personal opinion, I see that the series is poor for their acting skills. I could be right and I could be wrong (Difference in opinion doesn’t invalidate the intimacy).

    And as for the “if you don’t like them as a pair, you also don’t have to watch this show” part, I’ll watch it because I love the acting of both! What does the fact that I don’t see them as a couple have to do with me not seeing the series? I love their acting apart from the fact that they are playing as a couple. I wrote in my comment above why I’ll watch the series, so I don’t need to repeat my words.

    Finally, as a fan of both, you shouldn’t be upset when someone says they don’t see them as a couple! In the end, everyone has their own opinion and it should be respected.

  6. Be On Cloud have released a teaser for what looks like Barcode’s song for the series, with the song/video being put out tomorrow! 🥰 PLEASE let this mean a release date for the series is on its way! 🙏

  7. I know that, and I will leave another comment after the series airs, but I wrote this as an initial opinion, and this will certainly change later, whether positive or negative. I trust Jeff’s decision and I know very well that Jeff thinks carefully before making any decision. I don’t know how you understood it when I talked about the series… Doesn’t it necessarily mean that if I don’t like something in a series, the people acting in it don’t make good choices? That is, I am not saying that Jeff doesn’t have experience and doesn’t know what he is doing! I don’t even criticize other people and I don’t say that they chose an unsuitable project! Even as a fan, I can express my views (as I didn’t belittle any party with my comment above). When I talked about not limiting themselves to acting with each other as a pair, I meant that they had previous work as a pair (KinnPorsche) and many people asked to be there work for them so this project was provided by their company. I only wanted to see Barcode in a starring role with someone else in order to prove himself first as a starred actor and then act in another project with Jeff since the other is already famous. That’s all about it! It’s true that I can’t see them as a pair, but that doesn’t mean that I’m against them working together! As you said, as long as the two want to work together, this is up to them, not us the fans (even though I never mentioned in my words that they should follow what we the fans say! And they should do what we like! I am against fans who are in this category in the first place who want to control their favorite loved ones, attack others, etc…), and yeah, who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind and then I’ll have something else to say.

    Thank you for responding to me with respect and not attacking me or being rude to me.

  8. i wouldnt be to negativ from the beginning. there is not even 1 episode out. also why should it be poor for their acting skills? you dont know how the series is going to be, or what happens ect. so i really dont get youre comment. if you dont like them as a pair, you also dont have to watch this show. its that simple. i think the series is going to be great and they make a good pair.

  9. First, I love the phrase ‘waiting like an old goat’ and I’m 100% using it in future. Second, what is happening with this show?! Jeff himself mentioned the end of the year, maybe start of 2024, but I’ve never known a show to be silent for so long. Especially so close to the time the cast themselves have pitched it airing. 🤔 I’m wondering if there’s just some annoying complications with distribution rights since sometimes that can delay a show.

  10. Well… I’m not into this type of series and I don’t have high expectations on it but I’m watching just for my Jeff. Also, I don’t know why they accept this project! It’s poor for the capability of acting skills for both Jeff and Barcode. I wished that their company would produce an exclusive project for them, even though I cannot see Jeff and Barcode as a pair. However, I wished to see the two in different works, with different pairs, and not limit themselves to each other! (Before you attack me, I love Barcode’s acting, I really do. But I can’t see him as a couple with Jeff and that’s purely my personal taste.)

  11. So i heard that k bls release the trailers only week before the air date. Is it true? Is that mean we won’t get the trailer before March😕

  12. Eccentric Romance and other one I don’t really remember the name but the main lead is one of the Tharntype series main actor

  13. DFF traumatized me specially episode 7 so I came searching Barcode’s other projects I want to see some happy moments and roles of him and I think I found my happy pills.March please come soon

  14. 3? i phee and the teacher, who else? . anyway i guess there going to kiss in this series. the age gap was always a thing. but he kissed the teacher there. and the actor is even older then jeff. i dont remember the teacher actor at all from kinnporsche lol

  15. Sorry I meant 2 😭 but yes I was wondering if there will be a kiss here but considering barcode just had a VERY graphic sex scene with someone whos older than jeff, i have no doubts anymore 🤣

  16. Anyone wanna share what was said in the spoiler event Dion and Q did?? Kinda crazy there was even a paid event for spoilers kinda side eyeing that. I hope with all the money they’re trying to get out of fans the promo will be good like fan meeting tours and bts videos and bonus dvds. I just need the trailer to drop TT I seriously don’t know what they’re waiting for. We didn’t get a pilot and now there’s only a month and a half left we need to build hype outside of the fandom.

  17. OMG! So excited to see this pairing again, especially as I’m near the end of KinnPorsche and my heart is dying for them to get a happy ending.