Wuju Bakery (2023)

Wuju Bakery (2023)

Other name: 우주 빵집 / 우주빵집 / Uju Bbangjib / Uju Ppangjip / Space Bakery / Wuju’s Bakery / อูจูเบเกอรี่

Synopsis: After facing many obstacles, a small bakery in a charming old town finally reopens its doors. However, during the highly anticipated opening ceremony, a spaceship crash-lands and destroys the bakery. The bakery’s owner and a handsome boss are forced to live together in the chaotic aftermath. Meanwhile, a group of aliens who had been hiding in the city are finally discovered as they search for the crashed spaceship. This drama consists of 8 episodes.



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35 Comments to “Wuju Bakery (2023)

  1. Eccentric Romance and other one I don’t really remember the name but the main lead is one of the Tharntype series main actor

  2. DFF traumatized me specially episode 7 so I came searching Barcode’s other projects I want to see some happy moments and roles of him and I think I found my happy pills.March please come soon

  3. 3? i phee and the teacher, who else? . anyway i guess there going to kiss in this series. the age gap was always a thing. but he kissed the teacher there. and the actor is even older then jeff. i dont remember the teacher actor at all from kinnporsche lol

  4. Sorry I meant 2 😭 but yes I was wondering if there will be a kiss here but considering barcode just had a VERY graphic sex scene with someone whos older than jeff, i have no doubts anymore 🤣

  5. Anyone wanna share what was said in the spoiler event Dion and Q did?? Kinda crazy there was even a paid event for spoilers kinda side eyeing that. I hope with all the money they’re trying to get out of fans the promo will be good like fan meeting tours and bts videos and bonus dvds. I just need the trailer to drop TT I seriously don’t know what they’re waiting for. We didn’t get a pilot and now there’s only a month and a half left we need to build hype outside of the fandom.

  6. OMG! So excited to see this pairing again, especially as I’m near the end of KinnPorsche and my heart is dying for them to get a happy ending.