Badland Hunters (2024)

Badland Hunters (2024)

Other name: 황야 / 乌有之地 / Hwangya / Concrete Utopia 2 / The Wilderness / Cazadores en tierra inhóspita / Охотники с пустоши / صيادو الأراضي القاحلة

Synopsis: An earthquake turns Seoul into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where survivors not only battle nature’s threats but also each other in a world without rules. Nam San, a wasteland hunter, and Choi Ji Wan work together amid this lawless chaos, where power is the only governing force. As they navigate the transformed city, they face the challenges of survival, encountering both the dangers of the environment and the unpredictable actions of their fellow survivors.



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12 Comments to “Badland Hunters (2024)

  1. For me i enjoyed it. In terms of settings and plot i would say its a mixer of black knight and sweet home season 2

    I wished this was a 6-8 episode series instead of a movie but i still like it.

    8/10 i thought the movie was fun and entertaining.

    Im not sure why people watch these types of movies if they don’t like the genre, its exactly what you expect when going into it.

  2. It was fun! But only now I found out it is a sequel to Concrete Utopia?! Can someone tell me the conection?

  3. For those who don’t know, the movies “Concrete Utopia” (2023) and “Badland Hunters” (2024) are set in the same universe. It also includes the dramas “Bargain” (2022) and “Pleasant Outcast” (soon). They’re not really direct prequels/sequels since they have different plots/characters, but they still have connections. All are post apocalyptic genre about a massive earthquake that shows different kinds of people and their own situations in the aftermath. I really love this universe they’re making and I hope they would also make another one that shows the side of the rich elite people (I can imagine them hiding in their bunkers lol).

    Personally, my favorite is Concrete Utopia since it has a unique theme and deep layers to it that left a strong impression on me. It’s slow paced and gloomy, so some people might find it boring. While Badland Hunters is a fast paced action flick and Sci-Fi that focuses on the fights and experiments. It’s cool and simply enjoyable.

  4. I’m so excited. I’m making my way down Ma Dong Seok’s movie playlist. I will most definitely be watching this

  5. It says concrete utopia is the prequel to this. Are they directly related or you think someone can get away with just watching this?

  6. cant wait for this movie. seems interesting and seeing lee jun young and ma dong seok in it is enough to watch it!