The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 12

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16 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 12

  1. Kang Hee-joo is the most beautiful Korean actress I have ever seen so far. In this K-drama especially her hairstyles matches so good with her facial features (her eyes are so pretty omw)

  2. and with this, another disappointing drama comes to an end. Don’t mind me crying cuz i was given a dare by my friend to watch this series.

  3. This drama could have been epic with unique yet amazing plot but sadly they had to blow it up 🙂

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally got to listen to the screenwriter’s and every production crew inner voice. There you go, your answer to all of the questions of why this drama turned the way it was have been answered. I have to admit I laughed at this scene. I was pointing to my laptop and keep screaming “that is because you don’t even know the reason, lol”.


  5. bruv what was that ending… They really fucked up this drama, 3 first eps in I thought this was gonna be the drama of the year… Well…

  6. In the end he reached the top … but it is so lonely … I miss Alchemy of Souls… So well written…

  7. How smooth the drama flows when the FL isn’t on screen , decent drama nice finish but wasted potential with bits of plot holes , glad Tae oh and hyewon didn’t end up togather would’ve liked if he ended up with huiju but huiju deserves better , seonju probably had the better development in the drama

  8. Now, I harbour no hate to the actress who played the role but no improving your acting in 12 episodes is crazy , however I believe this drama didn’t even need a FL to begin with, and when huiju mentions that hyewon is a dark character, the actress needs to portray that, I understand it is a hard role and not many actresses could pull this role of a emotionless,cold character only one in mind is shin ye eun, and also this was I think the actress’s first lead role she probably wanted her big break but clearly didn’t give the effort imo and obviously it’s gonna tough for her to get new roles when you’re outshined by the SFL who barely had screen time and captured the audience more than you , hope she takes the criticism as motivation and works hard on her next drama

  9. This drama failed in almost all of its attempts to have some sense of direction. it failed as a revenge story, because nobody had actual reasons for revenge. Even the villain does not remember why he betrayed his friend. It failed as a bromance story. There is no connection at all. It failed as a love triangle. It failed as a business-politics story with all is lazy writing and convoluted plotlines. All the plotholes make the plot virtually invisible.

  10. One more drama added to the list of “Started so good, but went downhill real FAST”. There have been so many disappointing dramas in the recent times.

    What were these final 2 episodes? No substance, no nothing. Even Inha and Tae Oh’s final interaction had zero impact/value. Seemed like not even the actors knew what was happening anymore.

  11. wow they even messed up with the ending. baek inha doesn’t even know why he took this route, but i know. writer needed plot armor for tae oh. such a promising drama with a tragic end

The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 12

Dear Dramacool users, the The Impossible Heir (2024) Episode 12 has not been released yet. Dramacool updates hourly and will be always the first drama site to release the latest episodes of The Impossible Heir (2024).

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