Pyramid Game (2024)

Pyramid Game (2024)

Other name: 피라미드 게임 / Pilamideu Geim

Synopsis: Every Thursday afternoon, once a month, students at Sarang High School cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school. After starting at the bottom, can new transfer student Su Ji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?
Adapted from the webtoon “Pyramid Game” (피라미드 게임) by “Dalgonyak” (달꼬냑).



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63 Comments to “Pyramid Game (2024)

  1. I wanna talk about a lot of things about this drama so bear with me.
    Where do i begin?
    (1) The FL (Suji), props for Bona, she nailed this character along with others. Some new faces but majority, i’m very familiar of. Jaeun (Dain/18 Again), Harin (Da-ah/Wonyoung’s sis), Doah (Seulki/Single’s Inferno). Most of them didn’t have much experience yet but did really a good job in portraying their characters. In fact, it was a debut drama for Da-ah and Seulki.
    (2) The game is simple. I love that it didn’t have much details that you have to crack. Simply the name of the game itself, you already know how it works. Plus, the people behind it is enough to make you feel seated or excited and it definitely did.
    (3) Suji might not be the smartest as what others (in the comment section here) deemed her to be but i love how she was able to pull the strings. Her approach is more realistic in a sense/natural and humane.
    (4) The dynamics? Tension? Chemistry? Everything is in this drama.
    (5) As an old kpop fan, i’m very much familiar with what song Yerim performed and Harin is humming. It’s “Magic” by Secret. Used to be one of my favorite kpop songs way back.

    This deserves more recognition to be honest. No matter what the genre, I usually drop dramas because simply i wasn’t thrilled. Like there should be “something” in every episode and that’s what i felt here.

  2. Me: I can’t stand watching school bullying anymore
    Also me: *continues watching this kind of dramas*

    This is one of the worse bullying case. The school is basically a breeding ground for psychopaths/criminals and it needs to burn down. So far, it’s so interesting and I already can’t wait to see that evil witch and her minions go down and suffer punishments. I love how the female lead is smart and knows her ways. Her father is a soldier and I was expecting her to fight back so I was kinda disappointed when she got bullied. But she has the brains and resilience, she has plans and tactics along with her recruits, let’s see how she destroys the game…

  3. no its a school themed so dont think adult life comes into picture but there will be justice for victims and punishment for perpetrators

  4. For me, it’s in the middle. There’s some comedies in it. Also, the main character is pretty smart so you’ll definitely like it!

  5. Am I, dare say, having fun🥹💖 this was ok for the first two eps but this ep made it more exciting

    I adore jauennie 🥹 bona is also doing a really great job👍🏻 evil fl idk if her character is supposed to give that soulless eye look or if she’s a horrible actor but the shoe fits🤷🏻‍♀️
    The unexpected friendship is cute, the greyness of fl is well done, she’s not selfless but she’s not cruel, and she’s calculating and enjoys the game

    The game itself, reminds me of the variety show The genius and more specifically The devils plan. Fl is being like Orbit, ppl can see him as cruel cuz he was using the low ranks by saving them so the higher ranks were eliminated first and thus he also eliminated the competition by using the desperation of the low ranks, but it’s a game, either play or be played

  6. The school is innocent. Fry the criminals and leave the school to educate future upstanding female citizens

  7. LOL. The FL doesn’t know how to play the game. She should’ve figured it out before she decided to be an arse. LMAO.

    For someone who’s supposedly “smart”, she isn’t one, it was right in front of her. Hahaha.

    However, credits to her for knowing how to divide and conquer. That’s how you take over someone else’s turf.

  8. first four eps were good, very close to webtoon. about casting, most girls were more or less spot on (Yerim, Dayun, Wooyi and Doah are really good casted imo)
    gotta give credit to Jaun, her actress has the same exact puppy eyes the character had in webtoon.

    I like that Suji isn’t an angel, she’s flawed, selfish character that went to wrong place at the wrong time.

    Somethine about Harin is annoying me, I can’t figure out if it’s because of acting or Jang Da-Ah’s face… maybe I couldn’t imagine from the webtoon that she would be bitchy and anxious like that… idk, that’s the only casting decision I dislike so far

  9. ju yeon (eun jung): that transfer student, what was her name again?
    na eon (ye rim): su ji. why do you ask? you’re not interested in [dating] anyone
    ju yeon (eun jung): i can tell you like her. stop paying attention to her
    na eon (ye rim): are you jealous?
    *prolonged, flirtatious exchange of glances that would have culminated in a kiss, were it not for the untimely interruption* (episode 3, 39:40)
    *ju yeon (eun jung) kindly shielding her na eon (ye rim) from the sunlight* (episode 3, 48:00)

    i noticed that na eon (ye rim) used the term “데이트” (date), which implies romantic interest

    i ship the two girls. i’m enamored with their dynamic, and the dynamic between bona (su ji) and da in (ja eun). bona (su ji) is self-centered. da in (ja eun) is the opposite. their contrasting personalities balance each other out. bona (su ji) keeps da in (ja eun) from being a pushover, and da in (ja eun) keeps bona (su ji) from losing her moral compass. they’d be a cute couple

    excuse my shipping of the girls. i’m trying to find positivity in the midst of a heavy bullying storyline

  10. I haven’t read the webtoon so I’m sure this is already known to people who have but is the convenience store guy woo ri’s (the one who used to be bullied the whole year before and then dropped out) brother? He seems to know about the game and that call he got said baby sister on his phone. just was wondering.

  11. Suji Seong gotta be my favourite webtoon main character so i’m excited for this, hopefully they portray her as a flawed anti hero like in the original work

  12. I haven’t seen it there yet… it is a Paramount+ partnership, so at least India and the Middle East areas Viu serves will probably be on their partner networks like JioCinema (India), OSN (Middle East region), etc… Paramount and TVING alike don’t serve Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, or Indonesia, so it seems sensible to offer it through Viu in those spots even though they’ve already partnered with bigger $ countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and a lot of the non-MDL-listed Viu nations. They are working hard to gobble up as much of the market as they can make decent money off. Ideally they will leave those Viu areas alone since it is my favorite!

  13. I have a feeling this adaptation is gonna be amazing I’m so excited!!! Especially for new faces in Acting like Jang Da Ah!!!

  14. The Pyramid Game happens every last Thursday of the month and the drama premiers in the last Thursday of this month, cool!

  15. They said people who supports all girls cast dramas are lesbian they joke around and laugh about that, I can’t believe these types of people still exist 😭

  16. This is an all-girls school, and a girls’ school is a no-boys-allowed zone. If you’re searching for dreamy hyungs or oppas, you’re in the wrong place. I’m all about the dreamy unnies here

  17. The Pyramid Game happens every last Thursday of the month and the drama premiers in the last Thursday of this month, cool!

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  19. Fingers crossed for quick English subtitles 🤞 On positive note, November drama Bloody Lucky Day was released with subs on Paramouns recently, so even if we waited for their subs, hopefully it wouldn’t be too long.

  20. Every Thursday, once a month? Which is it? There are at least 4 Thursdays a month.

    Could someone kindly correct the summary?

  21. OMG I didn’t know that, I stan Ive and I knew she had a sister but not that it was her, they look alike. Now I’m more excited to watch this!

  22. Me too I also like high school dramas and my favorite is revenge of others but this Pyramid Game is my number 1 I have been waiting for 3 years to see this

  23. Is anyone concerned that this show could encourage young kids to try this in their class and cause real life bullying?

  24. I loved the webtoon! Can’t believe they are making it into drama. Y’all please read the webtoon, I highly recommend it