Best Fantasy Romantic Korean Dramas to come out in 2020

Love is in the air when we get to enjoy wonderful Korean dramas. It is even more comforting when you can relate and discover the meaning of life from these different stories with hints of fantasy and sci-fiction. And 2020 has delighted all fans with great releases from week 1 to week 14 so far.

So, just for you guys! we cured a list of the best Fantastical Romantic Kdramas from 2020. Lets not wait any further!

1. When the Weather Is Fine/I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day

A love story by the country side. Beautiful and sweet.

Hae Won is a young talented woman who holds strong moral values. However, she is not at her most comfortable around people. Living the city life did not help her find herself. She is an excellent musician but she has fear of performing in front of people ever since she was child. This caused her to be reclusive and an introvert. She finally decides to leave the city to back to her hometown, Bookhyun Village.

In that town, there is a book store run by the energetic Eun Seop. He lives a very calm life. He is friendly and understanding. He finds happiness in the littlest of things. When Hae walks into this book store – his world changes course forever.

They both find meaning to their existence together. Helping each other discover their best.


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2. Meow, the Secret Boy

Fantastical Love story with generous amount of light comedy.

Sol Ah is a cat lover. She is a popular graphic designer at her workplace and she holds a dream to have her own cartoon series one day. She is a bit unlucky in finding the right guy which is not her fault. One day she brings a cat home but this cat can change to a human at will. The name of the young man hiding in this cat’s persona is Hong Jo. He has a particular liking for his new owner.

Can they ever connect is the question – can he reveal his true self?


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3. A Piece of Your Mind

Beautiful lover story between two intelligent people.

Mooh Ha Won is a brilliant IT innovator the founder of a successful AI based company. He is determined to go through any challenge to break new boundaries. He owns a successful website which is one of the most popular in South Korea. What separates him from other businessmen is that he is kind and has the ability to bring the best in others.

Seo Woo leads a difficult life as a woman who came from troublesome circumstance. But she is tough and it shows in her desire to achieve her goals. She works as a sound designer in a company.

Both these characters meet which influence each others life.


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4. Forest

Forest or Jungle may not be the ideal place to find your loved one.

However, it is not case with Kang San Hyek and Jung Young. Kang San Hyeok is a handsome young man who lost his power of memory of a certain of his life. He works as part of a team of rescuers.

Jung Young is a student at a medical school. Both of them meet at this Forest in difficult circumstances and their survival depends on their cooperation. This unlikely duo at first, now finds they are getting closer than they forethought.


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5. Hi Bye, Mama!

Lovely family drama of 4 members, one of them has come back as ghost.

The mother of the family died unfortunately but she comes back as a ghost out of love.

The husband struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. Years go by and he continues to grieve. After a period of 4 years, he remarried to a doctor, Jo Kang Hwa. But the husband is not the same ever since he lost his late wife. This is where his late wife who returned as a ghost comes to help her family.


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6. Find Me in Your Memory

Lee Jung Hoon is a News Anchor at a media house and Yeo Ha Jin is a talented actress mired in negative publicity.

Both of them have certain traits, Lee can access his memory in picture perfect detail due to a medical issue and Yeo is cursed with the inability to remember any of the important parts of her life.

Together they make for a wonderful duo. Find out how it all plays out


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7. My Holo Love

Holo is an AI that has found love from a young woman. Her name is Han So Yeon who cant remember people’s faces. She works as a sales head at a firm. While Go Nan Do is a computer hacker who is also the secret owner of a successful IT company. He has been hiding from the South Korean police by faking his own death to make them stop looking for them.

Find out how it all turns out in this interesting love story.


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We hope you liked our list. If you like to see more such list – please share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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