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99 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 16

  1. Why is the title big mouth and not Big Mouse?
    Big mouse was mentioned about 3million times.
    Perfect ending! Good work ????????

  2. I loved it so much!! But you people didn’t have to make me cry so much like this ?? Thank you so much for making this so wonderful and also thanks to the person who wrote this wonderful story ??

  3. I like the ending, but I think Miho’s death could have happened later. I was devastadet when her heart stopped beating ://

  4. Some people maybe disappointed with the ending. But to me it is perfect ending. It depicts that some people cannot be punished by law and justice. In todays world, law and justice is not that much fast, like the brain and heinoius act of Choi Doha. So the ending is kind of perfect to me. Also, Park changho initially wanted to do everything in boundary of law and justice, but last he can understand why Big mouse made his own organization, to punish like people Choi Doha. But I am upset with a thing that, I wanted real psychopath to get punished..

  5. No cause why did it end like that :(. They should’ve find the old man’s son and make that mayor choi or whatever that piece of shit name is suffer. They should’ve made all of them suffer slowly and one by one. Hahahhaha i sound like a psycopath but seriosly they deserv it.

  6. Nice one every character did justice to their parts
    But what’s happening to kdrama writers now days with their lacking climaxes….how can the end of a great drama be rushed like this,you wasted a lot of time in jail time

    And at least park deserved a happy ending why kill the wife

  7. BEST DRAMA of 2022..SO DAEBAK!!!!! I’m going to miss this drama for sure!! I love how he did a lot of good things at the end..and FINALLY got rid of that Mayor Choi..just look at what he did to his own wife..jeez..Great Job Big Mouth left us guessing till the end!! Saranghe XO

  8. Jeez I expected a better ending for how good this drama was throughout. Why was it so rushed? With so many unanswered questions?

    And why didn’t Chang Ho sob when the love of his life died? Poorly executed.

  9. The ending was really bad.We should have seen the court defeat as well as the psychopath and did yoona really die?How can They kill yoona?am sad. the ending was boring.

  10. I didn’t enjoy the ending… too many things happening in 15 minutes, they could hava made at leasst 18 episodes for the storyline to make more sense. But anyway, still one of the best dramas so far. Lee Jong-suk is an amazing actor.

    1. felt the same way too like the mayor should have suffered defeat then death and my question still remains what was in the professor paper?

  11. I loved this drama soo much!! I loved the ending too except the mi ho part everyone got what they deserved and mayor doha got hit by karma!!
    But i want to see more work of chang ho as a good big mouse? but i was a good drama?

  12. rushed & sad ending ughhhh

    ko miho collapsed, waked up in a hospital bed with changho besides him, then she died after a few minutes?!
    her father wasn’t even there! she didn’t even had a chance to talk to him.
    we didn’t even see a funeral of her. also why is changho not crying so much like his wife just died in front of him?!
    idk i was expecting more emotions from him..
    choi doha dying like that is sooo rushed as well.
    it’s all obviously a fast forwarded scenes.. and what’s with the black and white settings lol

    they could have made this drama until episode 18.
    we can find out who is chairman kang’s son, who’s the number 1, where is hyejin?
    season 2 will be absolute non sense without Ko Miho.. ?

    1. hyejin died, did u miss an episode?? the ending did feel rushed but the only thing i wish we found out more about was chairman Kang’s son

      1. i mean yes, but no one besides dr cha know about her death now, also choi dohas secretary deserves punishment too, he needs to testify all of the things doha did behind everyone!!

  13. what season two why are people dreaming there is nothing like season 2 . those people asking for season 2 are in denial specially if u request a season 2 with vincenzo please wake up

  14. am sooooo mad that i had to follow this drama every friday and saturday just for a lame ending this drama had alots of potential. the end was so rushed it could have been a hit drama of all time if they could have worked on the ending … this is so unfair. the people who think this drama has ended well are also dumb

  15. Good drama, but the ending omg was so rushed!!
    AND MIHO should NOT have dieddd, she shouldve lived till the happy ending
    What about Dr Han’s wife, the fact that he killed her!

  16. Damn it caught me off guard that this ep was the end. I really hoped to see who the son of president Kang is because that´s also a story to tell. Season 2 needs to contain the return of his son and his crime and also Hye-jin´s dead should be revealed. I really liked this drama but it´s a rush ending ://///

  17. Ending sucks.. i feel like we needed to see more and not just him die like that. Especially in the previous episode so much was happening so the last episode seems really rushed or its just me. Doha should have been humiliated bc he could have killed him 6 episodes ago. After all that preparing to humiliate him infront of the public and everything he just die like that so im not satisfied with this ending

  18. Bro I hated the ending! Everything happened so fast in 10 minutes. I want a season 2, they should show the identity of chairman Kang’s son and What happened to that doctors wife ( Hyejin) she didn’t deserve to die…and what about Mr Gong Jihoon he also did some bad things! Choi Doha or whatever his real name was , he should have suffered in a painful way and they should have beat him to death!! What about the man who was the gang leader but worked with Changho and then he opened a café or something? The ending was too fast and Miho didn’t deserve to die ??!!but if there Is a season 2 I want Changho and Vincenzo to work together ?✨?

  19. the moment Changho came to the pool I was hoping they changed water in it and that bastard would become ill
    especially like the way he died
    not happy but definetly good ending

  20. I think there is a high possibility of a season 2 because there are so many things left unanswered plus the ending was rushed……and if they are doing a season 2 can we please get it quickly? I don’t want to wait 2 years..

    1. exactly they could’ve just made it finish with his Miho’s death and then do a season 2 to clear all the things out. But i don’t mind the ending.

  21. Open endings can be great if done right but this one idk. I feel like it’s rushed and there were a lot of stuff that needs closure like the nurse/doctor that was killed by her husband was never really brought into light. Then the Number 1 of the Big Mouse clan/gang/community wasn’t revealed. Also why mention a psychopathic son when he’s not even put in the picture. I need special episodes for those aksljdksjss. I still love this it’s just that the ending is kind of meh.

  22. I loved it all however I felt like changho wasn’t that upset when his wife died – it didnt seem realistic. When your wife dies realistically you’ll be bawling your eyes out – and Minho didn’t look like she was ill enough to die – that was a poor execution really. I loved the drama all in all. They didn’t show the father either – or the son that was in USA. It was all so rushed really.

    1. Her death was so much faster than the prisoner that was on the death sentence, like chango and everyone finds out about her death in the same episode she dies!

  23. This movie is literally a MASTERPIECE!
    But Miho’s death was soo unnecessary and unexpected
    I felt like the ending was rushed wish it had like 4 more episodes

  24. TBH so much has happened in the last 10 minutes of this drama and it felt like I was watching a movie in like 5x speed.
    Way too rushed. The beginning was too slow and they had the opportunity to reduce some of the details in the beginning to make the ending less rushed. Idk…that’s just how I felt.

  25. wait a damn minuite i didnt get to see who’s the chairman psychopath son ughhh the ending is way to fast ughhhhh!! i hope there’s a season 2

  26. In the last 10minutes everything happened ? it was a good drama but I don’t know what happened in the last few minutes.
    It was great to see it❤️

  27. wow this was unbelievable. i don’t even think i have any more tears left ㅜㅜ i’m so sad about kwangyeon and miho’s death they deserved so much better tbh:( but still its an immaculate drama with great plot, acting and scenes and characters. 10/10 recommend!! wish i could forget everything and just watch it again ㅋㅋㅋ

  28. I don’t want a season 2. Just don’t want to see Chang-ho in pain. I just wanted to see Doha in alot of pain like that Miho went through. Overall, have liked it and how it shows that society is messed up. Sometimes you have to use other means to get justice.

  29. Sorry I didn’t like the end
    Miho,s death was so rapid they even didn’t give her time
    Gong jihoon wasnt that good as well along with juhee
    The death of choi Doha was so rapid like he just inhaled & died immediately!!
    The ending was too rush !!
    For me they could made miho survive with stage 1 o 2!!
    Chang hoo seems to choose to be Bad big mouse instead of a good one as we can see the dark road in the end !!
    Even if there was 2nd season I will not gonna like it without miho!
    So far my best drama but not the last 3 episodes

    1. Sorry I didn’t like the end
      Miho,s death was so rapid they even didn’t give her time
      Gong jihoon wasnt that good as well along with juhee
      The death of choi Doha was so rapid like he just inhaled & died immediately!!
      The ending was too rush !!
      For me they could made miho survive with stage 1 o 2!!
      Chang hoo seems to choose to be Bad big mouse instead of a good one as we can see the dark road in the end !!
      Even if there was 2nd season I will not gonna like it without miho!
      So far my best drama but not the last 3 episodes

  30. As always Lee Jong-Suk has delivered again, he hit it out of the ball park????. Great ending. I would love a season (2) if not, I hope his next project will be sooner rather than later. Great job cast.

  31. the real big mouse died too fast and miho’s death was so unnecessary. i wish she could’ve at least stayed alive to see choi doha and the others suffer

  32. It was great drama though I was expecting Chairman’s son to show up and that Miho would tell Changho about the framed psychopath but it’s all okay…… amazing drama overall! Big Mouse Park Changho you are the best, glad to see Lee Jongsuk on the screen after a long time …..what a show this was!

  33. Ok so first things first, just found out after watching the last episode that the writer of Big Mouth is writer of Vagabond (my biggest trauma till date; 12/10 show, -100/10 for unexplained open af ending). It’s been a few years and no season 2 till now and no hope or plan of it as well, so such stupid endings could just be the writer’s way.

    Now, *SPOILERS*, this ending was very, very rushed. It was even more open and left so many questions unanswered, and it’s annoying me to no ends. 1) Chariman Kang’s son and his implied role in the torturous killing of original Big Mouse’s daughter. 2) Gong Jihoon was still a bad character, why did he get away with his wrongdoings. 3) Hyejin (doctor’s wife) deserved better than to be killed and her murder covered up when she was the first to help and get them on the right track. 4) Big Mouse’s daughter’s justice.

    Choi Doha’s death was good in a symbolical way, but was it even 5% of what he deserved? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We should have seen Choi Doha suffer and be in agony over what he did. His death was too much of a quiet one.

    Lastly, everyone agrees that Miho deserved better than this, she worked and helped so much yet got such a sad ending, she at least deserved a funeral scene where everyone who she loved and who loved her finally showed how much they loved her. And OMG DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HER DEATH SCENE. Actually a semi-fan of Lee Jong-suk but WHAT WAS THAT DRY AF DEATH SCENE?!?!?!?! Miho deserved more than a single tear. Not full on crying because miho wouldn’t have liked that but at least uncontrollable tears falling quietly out of love, and what should have been despair after losing a lover and friend of 16 years.

    To the people claiming this ending is not a sad one, you’re right! It’s not sad, it’s downright horrific! Not sure if this bitter ending will leave my mind anytime soon.

  34. Gonna miss watching this on Fridays and Saturdays.. Although I’m sad for Miho’s death, it was the only way for Choi do ha’s corruption to end. Glad he got what he deserved. Great drama!

  35. Even tho his wife died but the ending of Choi Doha was epic loved how he revenged his wife death❤️.. Gong jihoon was really a sweetheart and earn what he has been wanting ….. I really wished that park changho had a good life ahead but poor him?… Anyways overall this kdrama was the top and coolest of all …. ???❤️❤️❤️

  36. wow great ending , sad his wife died but this ending was awesome! we need him back in Big Mouse 2 Please ,, Along with Jerry and the gang .. oh how handsome Jerry looked in his black suit.. as well as Big Mouse , Congrats to all great entertainment….

    1. exactly, i felt that to . But do you know what happend to that one woman who the doctor killed like did they find her body???? It seems like they just forgot abour her

  37. I always feel like last episodes of kdramas got rushed too fast like Can you slow down? or Make another season or something?

      1. I’ll be surprised if Chang ho will be working with Vincenzo Cassano in season 2. I think that will be enough for me to get over Mi ho’s death

    1. Hmmmm. Why they make fast…. Why they no continue until ep 20 or what… Its very nice Drama…….!!! Pls make session 2……….???

  38. kudos to the team and the ammaaaazing acting of everyone especially lee jung sook throughout the show … (but personally I felt like during the last moments of Ko Miho, he could’ve depicted more emotions and we could’ve got something more out of it.) Overall, it was definitely a 10 for me

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