Big Mouth (2022) Episode 14

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38 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 14

  1. while mihos’ death is huge plausibility to make changho big mouse forever i still dont want her to die pls that would be so sad she’s changhos whole world
    and i didnt think the elder will actually die but now things will get harder for changho as choi doha wont support him like elder did

  2. I feel like Miho is the number 1 because the number 1 hasn’t been revealed yet and she kind of like made Changho who is because she has been his support since they were young and she tells Changho to be a good Big Mouse.. idk anymore..

  3. All patients died n leukemia . maybe miho did not avoid to be a victim of it. maybe seo’s paper is the solution to cure leukemia..

  4. they still haven’t mentioned the note that Jerry received? in the hospital, the note that was swapped over? wonder if they bring that up again

  5. Where is that scene when mi ho open her eyes on hospital bed and see chang ho then she told him ” what happened? How can i die and leave you alone?!!!
    I just saw that scene on yt but couldn’t find here? someone tell me please!!!

  6. so far i can only see two endings… like people said, the paper turned out to be a cure to leukemia so changho ends up saving miho, or she dies and chango ends up staying as big mouse forever, as he no longer feels like he has a reason to expose the organisation. i really hope she stays alive however i wouldn’t be surprised if the ending is similar to the second option

  7. My theory is that since Dr. Seo’s papers are still unknown as to what was inside it. Maybe it’s a treatment for leukaemia, since he established the secret lab and he died so he didnt get to work on the experiment, if he finds out what was inside Dr. seo’s papers he will find a cure for leukaemia and he would be able to save miho

    1. That makes totally sense! I thought about this and I can’t think of any other things that could be in Dr. Seo’s papers.

  8. miho told it herseld… she has helped chang ho to be where he is now TT killing her would be so unnecesary at all … aaaa i’m happy we still see jerry and yang out of prison, i love their characters a lot. i hope they managed everything to end right, it would be such a heartache if they don’t TT only 2 ep left!!

  9. Hopefully they can help his wife, He will kill them all if she dies and go back into prison.. let have a happy ending , even tho we do not see much romance between those 2 in the drama , not much kissing , holding . I wonder why? but its a great drama Jerry is my hero and big mouse is awesome!!!!!!!!! I knew the warden was not going to kill him….. lets hope for a happy ending and hopefully a big kiss lolol

  10. Nah man i hope Miho doesn’t die she’s Changho’s life ?
    Also at the start we thought that the biggest villain is Big Mouse, but turns out it’s Choi Doha, the most evil of them all.

  11. So now miho has leukaemia !!
    WTH !!! They didn’t have a happy moment together till now
    Even they dressed very well for the party but they couldn’t attend together
    I really wish we see a good ending & to see all bad guys pay of their deeds !!
    Chang Ho & Miho ?